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Renowned Law Firm SEO Expert Launches Optimization Service for Attorneys
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Renowned Law Firm SEO Expert Launches Optimization Service for Attorneys


Establishing a law firm is one thing. Getting more clients is another thing. Remember, there are lots of law firms out there. Thus, the completion can be overwhelming. That’s why you need actionable techniques to stay on top of the game. If stats are anything to go by, about 96 percent of people use the Google search engine to search for legal services. Out of these, 76 percent visit legal firm websites to take actions. In a nutshell, SEO for lawyers is the real deal when it comes to boosting your online presence. So, if this is something you are looking for, employ the following actionable SEO techniques and watch your firm grow.

User-Centric Website

According to Dagmar Marketing, start by creating a user-centric website. Include all the information your clients are likely to look for. With a customer-centric website, you get to connect with clients—a key step towards retaining them. Here is how you can go about it. Don’t include a lot of jargon. Also, ensure the text is not in block form. Include bullet points and subtopics. Also, remember to make the sentences and paragraphs short and clear to the point.

Graphics and Images

When it comes to SEO, the power of visuals cannot be underestimated. With visuals, you can capture more attention and improve your law firm’s prospects. Remember, most customers are attracted to good visuals. So, this is an area you need to work on if you want to beat the completion out there. Thus, be sure to include high quality-visuals in your site.


Accessibility plays a key role when it comes to user experience. This makes the pages navigable. Your customers should be able to access any information they need without much difficulty. Arrange key areas in a smart way.

Website Structure

Ensure that the structure of your site makes sense. Thus, remove all those zombie pages from your site. Zombie pages don’t offer any benefits to your clients. So, do away with them. Strike away category, archives, image media links, and pagination. Also, things like old press releases and thin pages should be removed from your site. They don’t offer any value when it comes to marketing your website.

The only way to identify zombie pages is by creating a Google Webmaster based account. The tool is free to use. Plus, it’s quick and straightforward to configure.

Website Speed

Speed can break or make your website. So, pay close attention to it. No user would love a website with slow speeds. It turns them off. With law speeds, your clients aren’t likely to stay on your page for long. According to Google, a page with low speed will affect the SEO ranking. So, if you want your law firm to stand out, improve its loading speed. Here is how to increase your site’s speed:

  • Choose a reputable hosting platform. For instance, you can choose the WordPress Engine.
  • Consider compressing your images. Compressed images make loading faster. So, compress them before you upload them to your site.
  • Another step involves installing a caching plug. With such a plugin, you have a solution that will help you reduce load time.

Important—if you don’t have the capacity to conduct all these things by yourself, consider hiring a competent law firm SEO expert. He/she will help you increase your site’s loading speed.

Practice Area

Your website area needs a practice page. It can uplift your website and pull more clients. Remember, clients, are looking for explicit services. So, explaining them in the practice area is going to uplift for the law firm. The practice area should come after the Home page.

With the practice area, you have a location where you can super-charge your firm’s online presence. It will give users relevant information that is readable and clear. Here, be sure to create short and easy to read paragraphs/sentences. Also, consider using headers and sub-headers. Don’t forget to include bullets—it makes it easy to skim read

Information Queries

Create a section dedicated to information queries. Here, you will include relevant keywords that will help sell your business. Use relevant legal terms in this section. Avoid using jargon. Use simple terms. Give customers what they are looking for. For instance, if you are an injury lawyer, include questions like:

  • How do I apply for driving license appeal?
  • How can I hire an injury attorney?
  • How do I apply for claims for the insurance company?

With these questions, you will have targeted your customers’ explicit demands.

Optimized Videos

The internet has made it possible for video blog to complement your marketing strategy. So, don’t ignore videos. There are those clients who want to see your videos. With videos, clients can connect with your service offerings—a key step toward getting more clients. However, it’s not all about creating videos and uploading them to your site. No. It’s about how you approach the whole issue. Create short videos. Ensure the graphics are perfect. The videos must be short and precise. Optimize your videos—it will help rank your site higher on Google. Take your game to YouTube. It’s the best platform to reach potential clients. In your videos, include your service offering. Create videos concerning your past clients. Tell your potential clients that you have solved and won many legal battles. Tell them that you understand your role and you care about your clients. This way, you will get more clients and improve your legal firm’s fortunes.

Why YouTube—YouTube is one of the best places where people turn to for advice. They constantly search for legal matters. And if your video ranks high in Google, people will easily find you. If the information you are giving them is relevant, they will call you and book an appointment.

The Bottom-Line

Your law firm’s success will depend on the digital marketing strategy you employ. Without a proper SEO strategy, your business risks being stagnant for years. So, if you want to give your firm a real boost, leverage the above actionable techniques and get more clients. Alternatively, engage with a B2B + SaaS SEO Agency that can help manage the digital marketing strategies while you focus on running the business.

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