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Leading Causes of Auto Car Accidents
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Leading Causes of Auto Car Accidents


According to the stats, traffic accidents are on the rise. 2020 alone saw thousands of cases of traffic accidents. These stats are worrying. There are several types of car accidents. Learn more about types of car accidents here There are several things that can cause traffic accidents. From drunk driving to poor visibility, traffic accidents can be caused by several factors. Here are the main causes of traffic accidents.

Over Speeding

Of course, speed is good., It delivers quick results. You can attend to different matters in a very short time. Still more, speed helps you meet different people in different locations quickly and more efficiently. However, overspeeding can cost you dearly. In particular, overspeeding can cause accidents and lead to injuries or even death. During overspending, you have limited reaction time. This means that you won’t be able to control your car in case of an obstacle or an incoming car.

Driving While Intoxicated

Alcohol and driving don’t go together. According to experts, alcohol can make you have impaired judgment. Consequently, your ability to have vivid focus will be lost. That’s why you are discouraged from drunk driving. Drunk driving is another big cause of accidents in the United States of America. However, you can avoid these kinds of accidents. It doesn’t mean you stop taking your favorite drink. All you should do is to stay away from the steering whenever you are intoxicated. Hire a driver to take you home. You can also ask a family member or friend to drive you home. Don’t put your life at risk. Avoid the steering whenever you are drunk.

Distracted Driving

According to the stats, distracted driving is the biggest cause of car accidents. Here, the driver is not fully focused on the steering. Things like chatting over the phone or talking to other passengers, adjusted your car floor mats can cause fatal accidents. Remember, distracted driving leaves you with limited reaction time. That’s why distracted driving is highly prohibited. Thus, consider, having full concentration on the steering. Don’t text while driving. Ensure that you are emotionally ok before hitting the road. Never eat while driving. Also, talking over the phone is highly prohibited. It can cause accidents.

Driving Recklessly

Careful driving is a slogan in many driving schools. Remember, a car is like any other machine. Simple mistakes can cost you dearly. For instance, if you aren’t careful on the road, you may hit multiple cars and end up in jail or paying hefty fines. Is this what you what? Probably, no. Then, drive carefully. Don’t speed. Don’t change lanes carelessly or too quickly. Embrace patience on the road. Road discipline is key. Being aggressive on the road won’t take you anywhere. Instead, stay calm, be patient, and embrace politeness. You will surely get to your destination safely.

Weather Conditions Like Excessive Rain

The rain season is around the corner. What’s certain is that accidents will increase. This is because bad weather can lead to accidents. It’s important to note that water is notorious for creating slick, making the surface dangerous for vehicles. In most cases, cars can spin or skid out off the road. Still more, applying instant breaks can worsen things. So, avoid driving during the rain. Wait until the rain subsides before you can hit the road.

Not Obeying Red Lights

Not obeying traffic signs can be fatal. You can get into a very fatal accident. Thus, don’t ignore the traffic lights. In particular, pay close attention to the red lights. Don’t drive on red lights. Your car can be hit. Still more, driving on red lights can lead to wrongful deaths. This can bring about unnecessary lengthy legal suits. This will not only cost you money but also waste a lot of time. So, avoid these mistakes by obeying traffic lights. Only proceed when you see the green light.

Not Obeying Stop Signs

Don’t ignore stop signs. According to the stats, each year witnesses thousands to tens of thousands of car accidents because drivers fail to obey stop signs. Not obeying stop signs is one of the biggest causes of rollovers and side impact-based accidents. Thus, be careful when on the road. Pay close attention to the stop signs. Drive slowly when approaching stop signs. Take control over your car.

Teen Driving

Of course, there are several good youth drivers out there. However, stats show that most teens aren’t careful on the road. Most of them are run by emotions. They are so much into peer pressure. Plus, most of them are so much into drugs that concentrating on the road is near impossible. That’s why teenage-related accidents are on the rise. However, if the teens can be extra careful, these accidents can be avoided. Plus, teens require more experience before hitting the road. Encourage your boy or girl to embrace patience. Let him/her gain enough experience before driving.

Driving at Night

There are reasons why you should always drive during the day. Doing it at night can lead to car accidents. At night, it’s difficult to see obstacles. Plus, it’s challenging to anticipate any obstacle. That’s why you should avoid driving at night. Plus, if your vision isn’t that good, stay away from night driving. It can lead to accidents.

Defective Car Parts

Driving defective cars can cause accidents. Remember, a car comes with several parts. If one part is defective, it can cause car accidents. Things like design defects can cost you dearly. So, it’s important to check the parts before driving your car. In particular, taking your car for regular servicing can greatly save you a big deal. Replace defective parts. Repair parts that are repairable. Don’t drive a car with defective parts. You may end up losing your life or sustaining serious injuries. With that being said, regular maintenance is needed.

Changing Lanes Carelessly

Changing lanes is a common thing on the road. At times, you may need to get into an exit lane. You should be careful when changing lanes. Always, use the turn signal whenever you care about changing lanes. Also, pay close attention to black spots. Don’t change lanes in a black spot. Change lanes slowly.

Driving On A Wrong Way

According to psychologists, there is a lapse in judgment in everyone. Remember, clouded instincts can cost you in life. In most cases, clouded instincts can lead you in the wrong direction. This can cause accidents. To avoid these types of accidents, stay calm. Clear your mind before driving. Breath in and out before getting into your car. Don’t put other drivers in danger. Have a clear mind.

Making Improper Turns

From stoplights to turn lights, the road comes with a lot of rules. Not obeying these rules can lead to accidents. That’s why you should always obey these signs before making any turn. Also, be careful. Remain calm.

Tailgating Can Cause Road Accidents

Recklessness and impatience are one of the biggest contributors to road accidents. Nowadays, drivers are impatient, reckless, and disobedient. They drive close to each other. This put all road users in big danger. Remember, driving too close to another car gives you less time to react. That’s why you are advised to allow sufficient space between you and the front car.


Besides alcohol, there are several drugs that can impair your judgment. Drugs like cocaine and heroin can lead to impaired judgment and cause accidents. With these drugs, you don’t have control over your car and body. Avoid taking hard drugs.

Driving on Ice

Ice is another big cause of car accidents. Ice can make your car spin and even rollover. With ice, controlling your car won’t be easy. Thus, don’t drive at high speeds. Drive carefully if you have to do it during the snow. Ensure that your tires are up to date.

Driving on Snow

Like ice, snow can also make you lose control over your car. According to the stats, snow tends to cause more accidents during the winter storm. Thus, avoid driving during the snow. It can make you lose control and cause a car accident. Avoid areas that are prone to snow.

Too Many Potholes

When driving, pay close attention to potholes. Trying to avoid potholes can lead to car accidents. Plus, they may spoil your car tire, making you lose control. So, don’t drive on potholes. Avoid roads with large potholes. Drive with care whenever you are approaching potholes.

Driving While Drowsy

Fatigue is common among drivers. But that doesn’t mean driving while drowsy. Rest more. Don’t get into the driving seat if you are fatigued. Take enough rest.  Don’t drive for long hours. Take energy naps on a regular basis. They will help you keep fatigued away from your body.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts, when scattered on the road, can confuse the driver. This can lead to a loss of control. This is especially true when it comes to large automobiles such as semi-trucks. The best way to avoid these accidents is by maintaining control as soon as you approach these tire blowouts.

Mist and Fog

Of course, fog isn’t common. It doesn’t happen all the time. However, when it happens, it can be messy. For instance, drivers encounter hard times driving through fog. Fog makes the road invisible, which can lead to car accidents. The best way to avoid these accidents is to leverage on your headlights. However, you shouldn’t use high beams. Headlights will improve road visibility and avoid any possible accidents.

Driving Carelessly on Deadly Curves

Don’t approach a deadly curve carelessly. Approach it with great care and caution.  Respect the posted speed in these areas. Also, this is the time you need total concentration. Focus on the road. Have complete control over your car. Don’t text while driving. Also, avoid eating or doing any activity while driving. Remember, a simple mistake can cost you dearly. So, be careful not to cause accidents along deadly curves.

Wild Animals

Wild animals can quickly emerge and distract you, leading to accidents. In most cases, wild animals like wandering along the road. Some of them will abruptly cross the road by running. This makes it difficult for drivers to control their cars. This can lead to a fatal road accident. However, there are certain steps you can take and avoid these accidents. One of the best steps is to observe road signs. On most roads, there is an animal crossing sign. Here, you should drive carefully. Also, consider driving at low speeds. It will help you control your car whenever a wild animal is approaching.

Car Street Racing

Fast cars are quickly taking to the road, thanks to the Fast and Furious culture. Most people are turning to these cars for fun, fame, and adventure. These cars come with high speeds. They are designed using turbo engines as well as nitrous oxide-based boosters. If you are new on the road, these cars can confuse and scare you. Most of them take dangerous turns, giving you little space and time to react. Avoid roads that are notorious for fast cars.

What Happens After an Accident?

The above are ways you can prevent car accidents. However, car accidents can still happen. Plus, car accidents can turn your life for the worst. From suffering life-threatening injuries to losing your source of income, car accidents are something you shouldn’t wish. However, if you are involved in a car accident, that isn’t the end of the road when it comes to your life. You can still get compensation and lead a normal life. All you need is to hire the right lawyer and get the best legal representation. Choose a lawyer like Ketterman Rowland & Westlund Attorneys at Law. They understand personal injury law. Select a lawyer with a high success rate. Conduct your research before choosing a lawyer.

The Bottom-Line

Drunk driving. Driving at night. Poor concentration. These are some of the main causes of traffic accidents. Remember, traffic accidents can bring a lot of misery into your life. That’s why you should understand traffic accidents, their causes, and how to avoid them. The above guide will help you understand traffic accidents and how to avoid them.

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