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How to Safely Improve Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Social Media
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How to Safely Improve Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Social Media


The age of social media has done wonders for advertising and brand development. With the simple click of a button, you can upload your products and reach thousands of people within seconds.

To be famous on social media has become very difficult nowadays. Platforms Like Twitter have changed their algorithm so it has become hard to get the attention of the audience. Hence, many users choose to buy Twitter followers to get rapid success. While this new era of technology serves businesses well, it can also have its downfalls. Just as quickly as you can hit the post button, so too can everyone — including your insurance company — see exactly what you’re doing.

You likely don’t think of home insurance and social media going hand in hand, but the truth is your posting habits can be a tell-all to your provider, along with other followers — both good and bad. It’s essential to choose wisely when posting on social media to improve your brand.

Posting at Certain Times Might Give Away Too Much Information

It’s become so easy to create a social media post that many people do it the moment it pops into their minds. However, some moments simply aren’t perfect for posting.

Your insurance company can check your posts and see if you are putting yourself at risk. Actions like posting while driving or tagging yourself in a location far from your home can cause issues with your provider.

Since timestamps exist, it’s easy to tell if you were on your phone while driving, leading you to be labeled as a distracted driver. Your insurance company sees this as a risk, and you may be denied coverage moving forward.

Even worse, if you cause an accident while using your phone, your claim may be rejected due to distracted driving.

You can also put your home at risk. If you are on vacation or traveling for work and tag yourself in your new location, you are essentially putting a sign in front of your home stating that it’s empty. If your home is broken into while you’re away, your provider may see this as negligence on your part.

Safely Posting on Social Media

Understanding when and how to post on your social media platforms is the safest way to improve your brand and reach customers. Instead of posting that you’re taking a vacation, post that you are taking a short break on social media and will be back better than before.

This is an easy way to avoid giving away too much information. You can certainly post any photos of your vacation once you return, but waiting until then ensures you aren’t putting your home at risk for a break-in.

If you don’t want to take a hiatus from social media, you can also continue posting content for your brand as you usually would. Taking photos or creating posts ahead of time allows you to post regularly, even if you are away.

Waiting to post until after you are parked is also essential to posting safely. Beyond the consequences from your insurance company, posting or texting while driving is hazardous for you, as well.

You could find yourself seriously injured, leaving you unable to operate your business at all. The safer choice is to wait until the vehicle is no longer running.

Improving Your Brand Through Safe Social Media Posting

Social media has done wonders for all kinds of entrepreneurs — from online businesses to storefronts — hoping to promote their products and reach more people. The most you post, the more engagement you will receive.

However, it’s essential to use your social media platform safely. Avoiding location tags far from home and waiting to create posts until you have stopped driving are two crucial ways to reach more customers without jeopardizing your safety.

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Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, She is a third-generation member of the small business community and enjoys helping others understand how to safely promote their services.

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