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How to Boost Your Brand Through Video Testimonials
Blog / Marketing / Dec 28, 2021 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 1072

How to Boost Your Brand Through Video Testimonials


The world has a love-hate relationship with social media, but despite all that, the usage statistics show an increase throughout the last couple of years. Furthermore, there’s an increasing demand for video content, as proven by the fulminating popularity of TikTok.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a social media platform that doesn’t support video in one format or another. However, the most well-received ones are the ones that bring valuable information in an easy-to-digest format.

Considering the increase in demand and the fact that users interact better with video content, it’s only natural that many companies included it in their branding campaigns. That’s why we now have interesting tidbits of content such as video resumes and video testimonials.

However, not many companies seem to understand the full usefulness of video testimonials or how to use them for boosting branding campaigns. So let’s have a look at why video testimonials work and how to reap their full benefits.

Why Video Testimonials?

Testimonials are supposed to represent a vote of confidence from your customers – they’ve used your products or services and can vouch for their quality and usefulness. Plus, unlike reviews, you have full control over what is being said in a testimonial.

Both reviews and testimonials serve as social proof because buyers and possible leads trust their peers first. They use these pieces of content to decide if they should buy or not, without having to go through tons of content.

Sounds great, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to share high praises directed to their brand?

Yet, there’s a glitch in the Matrix! While video testimonials are some of the most perfect bits of video content a brand can have, it’s not that easy to get them.

After all, your brand should be interesting enough so people would want to make and send out videos praising your products.

But even so, professional videos are not easy to make with just a smartphone. So, if you want the content, you have to make remote video testimonials easy for the customer and collaborators who want to support your brand.

How Do Video Testimonials Work?

So you’ve got the video testimonials, now what?

Well, all you have to do is spread them around and make sure your audience interacts with them. The best medium for this is social media, but you can also have them published on your website or blog.

Overall, it’s important to get as many people as possible to view these pieces of content. And here’s why:

#1: Higher Retention Rate

Marketing specialists swear by the efficiency of video content as they say it sticks with people longer than any other content format.

Therefore, if a possible customer sees your video tutorial before they decide on buying, it will definitely help increase the retention rate.

#2: Emotional Connection

Brands that have loyal customers manage to surpass the seller-buyer relationship and get to connect at an emotional level.

Luckily, there’s no magic secret behind this type of connection – just a lot of hard work and dedication.

Video testimonials can help upgrade your relationship with the customers to one of trust because they show someone outside your company who used your products/services and enjoyed the experience.

#3: Get Word of Mouth Rolling

Word of mouth is the best possible marketing strategy because it’s free and shows your customers engage with the brand.

According to BigCommerce, customer testimonials are the perfect method to get the world talking about you and increase revenue.

Wrap Up

Video testimonials are an important part of any data-driven marketing strategy and shouldn’t be ignored. However, it’s equally important to make sure you understand their purpose and power before you put them out there.

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