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How Backlinks Impact Google Positions of Your Website?
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How Backlinks Impact Google Positions of Your Website?


If you decide to run a website for your blog or business, you probably want Google to rank it on the first page of search results. To reach such a respectable goal, you should not work on your own. On the contrary, you must work for others to deserve a good SEO backlink from them.

Why do all marketers hunt for Google backlinks? What is quality backlinking that will transform the way search engines see your website? Read on to get a deeper understanding of SEO backlinks.

Crucial Relationship Between SEO and Backlinks

Marketers, as well as search engines, consider backlinks to be the most important off-page SEO factor. What is a backlink and how is it related to your ranking progress?

Generally speaking, backlinks are external links to your website. In the past, the more links you had in your profile, the higher your website appeared in search results. But as for 2021, Google backlinks become a more complicated matter.

Today, the links you are building act just like votes of trust for search engines. The impact of your backlinks varies depending on their quality. They can either improve your rankings, have no influence on it, or even harm your profile making your website disappear in increasingly lower positions.

The effect a backlink can cause depends on a huge number of factors that we will cover in a moment. However, the general principle states: the quality of the links to your website proves your expertise and form your reputation in the eyes of both search engines and real visitors.

The number of backlinks you have in your profile is also an important ranking factor. It is essential to have a great number of various quality backlinks but not overuse their power. Unlike optimization in the past, too many links can look suspicious and cause penalties.

So, never forget to strike a balance between the quality and the number of your SEO backlinks. If you feel like this task is too overwhelming for you, choose a quality backlink service to delegate your backlinks SEO strategy. Expert marketers created a whole new industry to help you automate the process of link creation and let you focus on other important things.

Quality SEO Backlinks – What are They?

Not all Google backlinks are great SEO backlinks. We have compiled the 7 most important criteria for a backlink that can be called quality and productive.

  1. Referral Website Authority. If you want your backlinks to be effective, try to get them from reputable websites. Their links have more weight, and they can change your link-building game completely.
  2. The Quality of the Linking Content. Even if the linking website is not authoritative enough yet, its link can also have great value. Make your backlinks appear in informative, comprehensive content of at least 500 words that covers a relevant topic.
  3. Link Position on the Page. Try to place your backlinks in the content body and as close to the beginning as possible. Links in the footer or sidebars have little impact on your SEO.
  4. Link Context. To build contextual backlinks, you need to take into account the relevancy of the content they appear in, the anchor text, and the surrounding context. These components will make backlinks appear naturally, which is a crucial feature of traffic-driving backlinks.
  5. Source Diversity. A lot of links from one domain, even a good one, will be less productive than a couple of links from various websites. Implement different link-building strategies to diversify your profile.
  6. Domain Age. While increasing the number of linking domains, give preference to the older domains, as their links have more value for search engines.
  7. Backlink Uniqueness. A huge plus to your SEO backlink profile can be unique links that your competitors do not have. If you fill-up the backlink gap and have one-of-a-kind ones on top of that, you will show up a winner.

When you are building another backlink, remember about these features and try to implement at least some of them. Otherwise, if you ignore all of them altogether, it can be risky for your website performance or even online presence because of Google penalties.

Backlinking: Best Practices in 2021

Experts may give you tons of link-building strategies, and you can get lost in that diversity. Take a look at our short collection of the tactics for your backlink SEO strategy that works best in 2021.

  • Link-Bait Content: comprehensive in-depth research, guides, infographics, surveys, exclusive data, original images, and useful tools – these are only some of the content types that represent outstanding value and get linked to most often.
  • Broken Link Building: identify links on other websites that link to an outdated or non-existing page and offer its owner to fix this issue by replacing it with a link to your website.
  • Guest Posting: place guest posts on relevant and authoritative websites to place a backlink the way you wish and get a tremendous inflow of fresh traffic.
  • Mentions Into Backlinks: track the mentions of your brand on the web to contact content authors and ask them to add a backlink to that mention.
  • Include Alt Text to Your Images: a concise and descriptive alternate text added to your image will make it easier for search engines and real people to find your content.
  • Competitors’ Backlinks: use tracking tools like Ahrefs to explore the backlinks of your competitors and replicate them to fill up the backlink gap. Remember: Google loves unique backlinks, and it is your chance to outplay your rivals!

Choose link-building techniques that you find the most appropriate for your business, combine them with other approaches, and get a profile full of high-quality backlinks in the result.

Summing up

Link building is a decisive strategy for influencing the ranking of your website. Your backlinks can transform the reputation and positions of your page to the best, but they can also dissolve all efforts you have put into your optimization.

We are hoping to have convinced you of the importance of having a proper backlink SEO strategy. To succeed using Google backlinks, you do not need to turn it into your full-time job. Just devote enough time to learning new backlinking trends and updates, and maybe find a credible and trustworthy link-building service. And that’s it – enjoy your perfect SEO backlinks!

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