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Foolproof Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Sales Soar
Blog / Marketing / Feb 9, 2021 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 1049

Foolproof Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Sales Soar


You might be wondering how to up your eCommerce game. Sometimes, the most foolproof ways are simple. Whether you’re planning your launch or have an existing eCommerce store, let’s proceed on how to make those sales soar.

Don’t Rush to Launch Day.

If you have an existing eCommerce store, then it’s best to skip ahead. However, if you’re still in the planning stage, then better start here. Rushing to the launch date is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner could make.

You have to remember that you only get one shot at launching your website. For now, it’s OK to go on ahead and purchase your domain name. Just set up a ‘coming soon’ page.

Always Make Sure It’s User-Centric

The biggest shortcoming of an eCommerce store is the inability to connect to its users. Sure it’s hard to let the customers get a first-hand feel of a product or service, unlike in physical stores. However, there’s a solution for this, focusing on the store’s user experience. This means how a user experiences the following:

  • How long it takes for your eCommerce to load
  • The smooth transition while browsing for products or services
  • Free shipping free promotions
  • Upload a 360 view of your product for your customer’s convenience. This will help the customer in their decision making
  • Make sure the checkout process is easy, smooth, and simplified
  • Add convenient payment portal options

The first step for this is choosing the best eCommerce builder that has smart features. Once you decide on your platform, it will be easy to set the rest.

Dress to Impress

Here dress to impress does not imply clothes. It means to dress up your eCommerce store. When I say to dress up, I mean invest in your eCommerce’s graphic design. Yes, let’s not rely on pre-made templates. If you want your store to stand out from the rest, then investing in a graphic designer should be on your list. People love a visually pleasing storefront, and you need to take advantage of this.

Sure, your store is user-centric. However, a good design also attracts customers. If done right and consistently, you will receive useful feedback in terms of engagement and sales. Furthermore, it will further establish your brand identity. This will solidify your business’ web authority and make you look trustworthy.

If by now you’re thinking of hiring a freelance designer, good thing that we have a variety of online marketplaces. Some popular websites are Upwork or Fiverr. However, you might end up overpaying by the end of the project. You need to know that a freelancer charges an additional fee for revisions.

Another option is an on-demand graphic design service where you’ll pay a flat fee per month. It’s great as it doesn’t have hidden fees and you can cancel anytime! Some on-demand service, Penji, for example, offers UNLIMITED designs and revisions.

Ecommerce Copywriting

Another foolproof way is investing effort in your eCommerce copywriting such as:

Yes, bringing out your writing skills can boost your sales. It helps you clearly explain your product or service’s benefits. Also, excellent copywriting helps your online store rank better on search engines. A successful copywriting needs:

  • A strong communicator
  • Persuasive and creative writing
  • It promotes the voice of your brand
  • Knows the psychology on how to trigger customers to buy.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of options in hiring a copywriter. One option is to hire a freelance writer. Like a freelance graphic designer, writers could also be found on Upwork or Fiverr sites. However, the process of finding a gem amongst the sea of writers is long. Another option is subscribing to an on-demand content writing service like Content Fuel.

Test, Test, Test

Now, we’ve got the online storefront setup armored with excellent writing. The next thing you have to do is make sure everything is working smoothly. It’s best to check out A/B testing tools to make your job easier.

Go Social

By now, everyone knows social media is a powerful marketing tool. It’s considered the heartbeat of your online business. Utilizing social media and releasing posts daily will help people discover your business. Taking advantage of social media gives you a chance to increase your brand’s online presence, which eventually leads to an increase in sales.

Although it might be time-consuming to manage the accounts, you can hire a social media manager. Furthermore, it’s best to integrate social media buttons into your eCommerce so people can share, pin, or pass it around.

Mobile is The Way

Did you know that mobile commerce is expected to rise by 54% of total eCommerce sales this 2021? Make sure you’re building your eCommerce with the mobile experience in mind. Nowadays, most people scroll through their mobiles for their purchase. So it’s best if you optimize your eCommerce store for mobile use.

Work Your SEO

In the online world, SEO is always essential for a brand’s relevance in search engines. The eCommerce economy is rapidly growing, especially due to our current situation where businesses go online. This means it’s more critical for you to set your store’s SEO.

You should do a keyword search for your targeted niche. Remember, the more specific, the better. If you’re worried about SEO, don’t worry, as there are SEO software that will make your life easier.

Never Stop Learning

This might be generic advice. However, it’s forever relevant. You need to stay on top of your game as it’s critical to collect customer’s feedback, information and build a database. Also, the trends in eCommerce will only keep improving. It’s best not to get left behind, and keep a close look at how you’ll further enhance your website.


In the end, we got to know ways to boost your eCommerce sales. It might look like an easy solution. However, each takes time and effort. Did you find these tips useful? Click here to read more.

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