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8 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Web Host
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8 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Web Host


As your website’s success continues to grow, you might realize that your website is outgrowing your web host. Whether you’re using your website as a place to advertise all the apps you’ve developed or if you’re using it as a blog, it can be extremely discouraging when your website speeds are slow or when your server is constantly crashing.

You probably already know this, but the success of your website depends on your web host! Without the right web host and the appropriate amount of bandwidth, your website’s performance will tank. And if folks stop visiting your website because they’re frustrated, there goes your potential clients and future income.

There are certain signs you’ll want to look out for that indicate you need a new web host, including the ones listed below.

Your server can’t handle your traffic

If your once speedy site has slowed down significantly since you’ve started receiving more traffic, that is a sign that your server is unable to handle the amount of traffic that is visiting your site. If the server is getting overwhelmed, you will notice slower website speeds. Slow periods could mean you need more bandwidth. Some websites might also experience crashes during periods of high traffic.

There is no way to upgrade your package

If you’ve been otherwise happy with your web host, but you’ve outgrown your bandwidth, check to see if your web host offers a package with a higher amount of bandwidth. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to upgrade your package at a low cost!

If your web host doesn’t offer any other packages than the one you’re currently using, look around for a new web host. If you are on the lookout for a new host then the Hosting Foundry reviewed a LOT of web hosts that might be ideal for you.

Regular downtime is occurring

If your website is constantly going down, even when you’re not dealing with large amounts of user traffic, that is a sign that the server is having problems in general. While all servers go down on occasion to update, your web host should inform you in advance.

If the downtime is happening regularly, and you don’t know why it is occurring, that is a red flag. If you are running a business website, and have frequent issues with downtime, you need to start looking to move your website right away over to a more reliable web host.

A lack of support

During periods of downtime or when you’re experiencing other website problems, do you know who to contact? If you don’t have an email address or online forum that you can go to with questions, chances are that you’re not receiving appropriate support from your web host. You should have somewhere where you can ask questions, whether it is via email, an online chat or a forum.

The Control panel isn’t user-friendly

If you’re struggling to use the control access to your website, it could be time to look into a more user-friendly web host. While there is always going to be a learning curb when you first access a control panel, you should be able to easily navigate to the areas you need to get to, such as the ability to edit roles and permissions of admins.

Limited features from the web host

If you want a certain feature, such as the ability to backup your content, and your current web host doesn’t offer that feature, it is time to find a web host that has the features you want. There are plenty of web hosts out there, so don’t stay with a web host that doesn’t have the right features.

Most good web hosts will offer all of the features that clients need, so if you are having problems with your host to do something like install a WordPress blog or make a simple backup, then it’s time to start planning on moving your site to another host like Cloudways that offers high speed and security.image.gif

Prices are Increasing all the time, but not the quality

While some price differences are to be expected over time, if your web host is constantly charging new fees or if they’re charging you an outrageous price to upgrade to additional bandwidth, it could be time to see if there is a better option out there.

While you don’t want to go too cheap with your web host, you also want to remain within a reasonable budget. $1 a month hosts are something you will certainly want to avoid, and will most likely give you the same type of problems that you may currently be experiencing with your web host.

Your website has been hacked

Nobody likes being hacked. If you’ve been hacked and your files have been compromised, and your current web host doesn’t have any backup available to you, it is time to find a new web host ASAP.

Signs that a web host might not be secure include lack of SSL certificates, lack of upgrades, and no backup features. If your current web host doesn’t seem secure, don’t hesitate to find a new provider.

A couple of final thoughts

Your web host is key to the success of your website. To choose the right web host for yourself, always check out multiple hosts and packagers. Once you have your list narrowed down, read multiple online reviews. And, if possible, see if the web host offers a 30-day refund if they’re unable to meet your needs.

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