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7 Tips for Using Social Media More Effectively to Drive More Sales
Blog / Marketing / Jun 22, 2021 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 1616

7 Tips for Using Social Media More Effectively to Drive More Sales

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Social media is a valuable asset to most businesses, as it gives them access to customers and demographics they otherwise would have. From self-promotion to operating a multi-million dollar company, social networks help bring buzz and credibility to your brand, product, or service. To use social media more effectively to build your presence, use the following tips.

Streamline Social Media by Using a Management Platform

Social media management is the process of creating and publishing content and analyzing the metrics revolving around said content. A fully-fledged social media marketing platform can streamline the content creation process while also helping businesses engage with their customers. With proper use of a management platform, you can generate more leads, improve your ad performance, and reach niche audiences.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Use to Drive Sales

Tip 1: Have a Goal in Mind

Your goal is likely to make more money, but you have to be more specific when marketing to your audience. Do you want to earn more followers? Improve engagement? Gain user trust? All of these goals will help you earn more money, but focusing on one metric only will help you succeed faster. Plus, focusing on one metric at a time will reduce your marketing spending.

Tip 2: Create Your Customer Avatar

All businesses have a customer avatar or “ideal customer, ” which is a person or group of people who are more likely to engage with your content. You can determine who your audience and potential customers are by viewing your social media metrics. Before you do that, decide what platforms are filled with your customers based on their interests and age.

Tip 3: Run Ads and Test Ads

Research is the name of the game here. Without it, you won’t know how to market to your customers properly. Once you have an idea of what your niche likes and what platforms they prefer, run test ads. Look at your metrics to determine what ads receive the best impressions, engagement, and reach. These ads will typically have a lower click-through rate.

Tip 4: Use Promotional Hashtags

Hashtags are important for social media marketing because it helps you establish your brand identity while also improving your reach. Using generic hashtags can only get you so far, but if you also add promotional-specific hashtags, like “FunInTheSun2021” instead of “Summer,” you’ll increase the amount of traffic on your pages. Experiment with hashtags to find ones that work.

Tip 5: Promote Sales, Coupons, and Contests

Flash sales create a sense of urgency, coupons are perfect for people looking for a bargain, and contents are a sharing powerhouse. All of these promotions offer something for both you and the customer as long as you ask them to engage with your content in exchange for a reward. Always ask for an email address, as that gives you a direct line of communication to your users.

Tip 6: Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is an often underutilized marketing source for businesses, but this social media site will net you a lot of organic reach. Companies use Pinterest to offer users a visual before leading them to a website, making it more likely they’ll click. Businesses can continuously add photos to their board by “pinning” other content creators’ pins, which helps both parties.

Tip 7: Free Shipping

If you sell a product or service, offer free shipping automatically or after the customer has a specific amount in their cart. In a shipping-related survey that had 3,000 respondents, 50% of people avoided retailers who didn’t offer free shipping, and 77% of them abandoned a purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping opening. Bottom line: offer free shipping in some capacity.

Bonus Tip: Improve Video Marketing

Video content will drive 82% of internet traffic by 2022, according to Cisco forecast. An effective video marketing strategy is essential if you want your brand to reach its target audience and connect with them. The good news is that you have plenty of options for creating video content.

You can use unboxing videos featuring influencers to showcase well-designed custom packaging and your product line. Educational videos are effective at establishing a reputation as an expert in the industry. Videos that entertain have the potential to go viral and propel your brand to the limelight, allowing you to reach more people. Effective video marketing campaigns and strategies can move a brand into the spotlight in a short time.

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