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5 Simple Ways to Grow a Business Using YouTube
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5 Simple Ways to Grow a Business Using YouTube


YouTube videos can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, once you get the hang of it, YouTube videos are a clever and easy way to promote your business. Once you have created an audience comprising of real and active YouTube subscribers, it’s all smooth sailing from there. This is because, by the time you reach this stage, you are sure to gain enough experience for the process to become natural to you.

A quick tip: You can buy YouTube views from various organizations. A certain number of views can increase the ranking of your videos. But be sure to not overdo it. Let’s see how you can use YouTube to your advantage.

1. Find the right way

All over the world, YouTube receives about 300 hours of video content upload every single minute. That is a huge number. If you are not careful, your content can get lost somewhere in this maze of bits and bytes. To make sure you stand out, don’t try to invent something new.

I know. That sounds counterintuitive. Let me explain. By all means, create as much new content as you like. But don’t invent a format so new that your audience is unable to understand it. Due to the sheer volume of content on YouTube, acceptable styles and formats have almost become standardized. Further, people abhor sudden, enormous changes. If you must, gradually evolve your channel into a new style.

“Above all, it’s important, to be honest, and upfront in your videos. Yes, you can delete them but best to avoid the risk. In the UK real estate industry, for instance, there are a lot of scammers and it’s refreshing to see some YouTubers producing objective and impartial information on subjects like the direction of house prices,” comments James Durr of Property Solvers

To improve user engagement, research by watching videos related to your industry and business. This will help you understand what goes and what flies. Further, you might come across a previously unknown trick of the trade.

2. Keyword

The digital age thrives on keywords. All search engines use them. All social media platforms do as well. They are the hashtags of the internet. Keeping that in mind, find the right keyword for your content and business.

This is achievable in a particularly easy way. View popular videos and steal their keywords. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you stay relevant to your field. Put these keywords everywhere, and also put in their variations. You can find associated keywords using the Google keyword tool. Two videos with similar keywords are more likely to be listed under each other’s suggestions section.

3. Two steps to follow for every video

For every single video you upload, be sure to do the following:

  1. Customize the thumbnail: Select one that is creative and invites attention even at a fleeting glance. People spend mere milliseconds while scrolling so be sure to grab their focus.
  2. Add your website to the description: Add a link to your website in the description of all videos you post. Further, if you have a dedicated page or post related to the main subject of your video, add a link to that page or post as well.

These two steps will increase your chances of receiving a visit from your audience.

4. Beautify your channel (please!)

When I visit a YouTube channel, I expect a clean and organized page to greet me. Divide your videos into playlists. And for god’s sake and your own, improve your description and profile picture.

If I cringe at the sight of your channel, what makes you think I would ever visit your website? Customize it and make it look like you have invested some time and effort into it. Keep the description witty and humorous but at the same time, formal and professional.

5. Engage

Engage with your audience and with the world whenever you get a chance. Start by using calls to action in your videos. Ask your users to rate your video, subscribe to your channel, visit other social media channels you run, and check out your channel. Also request them to post their comments, share your video with everyone, etc.

Did you know that YouTube allows you to add text overlay in your videos? They can prove highly valuable for adding these calls to action.

Further, engage with the world by posting witty, engaging, and fun comments on other videos related to your field. Don’t just say please visit my channel. Grab their attention and they will visit your page automatically. Collaborate with other creators and ask the audience for their views. These small steps go a long way in making your video popular.


If your first thought on the mention of social media is just Facebook and Twitter, think again. Videos are much more engaging and provide for more creative ways to establish and utilize a large audience. If you wish to grow your business, you have to know more about the importance of youtube views. An increase in views is directly proportional to business growth. Click here to learn more about How to get more views on Youtube

Lastly, if you think we skipped a few tips here, drop them in the comments below.

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