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5 Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Virtual Phone Service
Blog / Marketing / Dec 1, 2020 / Posted by Dennis Vu / 1747

5 Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Virtual Phone Service

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Virtual phone systems are an integral part of most businesses in 2020. From enhancing customer communication processes to streamlining internal communication, virtual phone systems do it all.

But, to make the most out of a virtual phone system, it’s important to choose a suitable service.

And if you have doubts regarding that, in this post, you will get to read about the five most important factors that you must consider before choosing a virtual phone service.

First Things First, What is a Virtual Phone Service?

As technologies are evolving, the need for smarter communication is always on the rise. Whether we talk about large businesses making billions of dollars or about smaller ones just starting their journey, they all need to communicate well with their customers. As the regular telephone systems may not have enough features to meet business requirements, virtual phone services fill the void.

Going by the definition,

A virtual phone system enables users to make and receive voice calls from anywhere using their laptops, smartphones or tablets. Virtual phone systems are cloud-based and bring about the best calling features like the excellent voice quality of landline phones and the portability of smartphones.

 While choosing a virtual phone service, one must keep the following factors in mind.

1. Identify Your Business Size and Needs

The virtual phone system services that you may come across will have a variety of packages and tariffs for businesses of different sizes and their different needs.

Once you are aware of your business’ needs, you will be able to explore different virtual phone services and choose the most suitable one for your company.

So, before you start the hunt, identify your business size, and its needs & expectations from a virtual phone service.

2. Ease Of Access

No matter how useful or feature-rich a virtual phone service is, if the system is too tricky to comprehend, it may take your professionals extra time to wrap their heads around it.

The point of getting a virtual phone service is to ease and accelerate your company’s business processes quickly. This can’t be achieved with difficult-to-use virtual phone service.

So, before you choose a service, make sure that the vendor company is willing to provide all the information and training needed to make the most out of this service. Plus, be sure that you are not paying for features that you may not need.

3. Budget

Based on the size of your company and the purpose of buying a virtual phone service, you can come up with a price that you are comfortable paying.

As you explore different virtual phone services, you may like to ensure that these services aren’t costing you an unreasonable amount of money and are lying in your comfortable budget.

Apart from this, many vendors and virtual phone system apps like Grasshopper may also allow you to customize a service based on the features that your business wishes to add or remove.

For instance, suppose you are a small business owner. In that case, you may expect the business phone service to allow a stable connection with your customers through your choice of calling device, i.e., laptop, smartphone, etc. On the other hand, if yours is a medium-sized enterprise, you may need some additional features like a call parking option.

Choosing a service based on the features that you need will surely help you save significantly.

4. The Number of Extensions

If your business is functional in several areas, you may want your virtual phone service provider to offer more business extensions.

This is to ensure that customers getting in touch with your organization for different requests don’t have to first connect with the receptionist. By using a virtual phone system with different extensions, you can easily allow customers to call the department that they need help from directly.

For this reason, the number of extensions a virtual phone service provides is an important factor.

5. Customer Service

While you may be hiring a virtual phone system to provide seamless customer service to your clients, it’s also important to choose virtual phone companies that provide top quality customer service to you.

Using a new virtual phone service may often seem challenging to your team. As a result, they may feel the need to get in touch with the vendor company’s customer service department.

If the customer care services lack quality, your business will suffer. So, choose wisely.

It’s best to read reviews and testimonials before paying for virtual phone service.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking to choose a virtual phone service for your company, but don’t want to make the wrong choice? Well, that’s all of us. Fortunately, the selection involves no rocket science.

In this blog, we discussed five important factors that you must consider while choosing a virtual phone service.

About Author

Dennis Vu is the CEO and Co-founder of Ringblaze, a virtual business phone system company that helps teams to better serve their customers, anywhere.

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