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4 Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Rates
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4 Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Rates


We can all agree that insurance is an essential part of car ownership. Protecting all of your valuable things against damage and theft can save you a lot of time and money. This peace of mind still costs money. It’s clear that different people pay different rates for their insurance, so let’s look at some of the things that could make you pay less or more.

Gender and Age

Age and gender tend to be the most apparent factor that gets looked at for rate calculations. In many cases, a young male will pay more than a young female, because guys tend to get into more accidents. An older woman may end up paying more than an older male because older women tend to be in more accidents.

Younger people may pay more because older people have more driving experience. When it comes to age and gender, there are many reasons why a person will pay more or less in rates. Even though there’s a difference in price, it’s essential to note that it’s not a big difference, and there’s proper reasoning behind it.

Where You Live

The city in which you live may increase or decrease the number of risk factors you have. If you live in a very populated town, there may be an increase in accidents and theft. If you are driving without car insurance it puts you at high risk.  Such factors may cause you to pay more for insurance.

You may need different coverage options, depending on where you live. For example, if you live in an area that gets flooded often, you may need water damage coverage. If you live in a high crime area, your rates will be higher because you are at higher risk for theft.

Finding an insurer that understands your city can be difficult. You would instead look for a broker that lives in the same area as you. If you live in a place like Mississauga, then you can search “car insurance Mississauga” and go through all the options that come up, but this will take time. It’s best to use an insurance brokerage to list and compare all your options for you. That way you can get the best price.


Your job can play a significant role in how much you pay for insurance. If your occupation puts you at a higher risk for accidents and damage, then you’ll pay more for car insurance. A delivery driver will most likely pay more than an office worker because they spend more time on the road.

Other occupations such as construction can raise the price as well. Construction sites can have many accidents that may damage a vehicle more often. A constant need to repair a car increases rates quite a bit.


Bigger cars with excellent safety features are more likely to result in lower rates than smaller vehicles with the same features. Also, the size of the vehicle is not always a significant factor. A sports car with a big, powerful engine will increase your premiums.

Other smaller factors may play a role in whether your rates are higher or lower.


There are so many things that an insurer can look at before determining what you’ll pay for your insurance. Understanding what these factors are will help you better know why you’re paying this amount and if you’re paying a fair price.

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