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3 Effective Ways to Boost Sales with Written Content
Blog / Marketing / Feb 25, 2021 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 1168

3 Effective Ways to Boost Sales with Written Content


Many entrepreneurs and small-business owners are constantly looking for effective ways to boost sales. Of course, there are various ways to turn your attention to sales performance — and creating compelling written content on your website and on social media is an increasingly popular strategy.

According to Entrepreneur, content writing builds relationships created on trust, which ultimately leads to conversions and sales. In particular, developing routine, high-quality content gives your business or company a voice, allowing you to speak directly to your prospects and existing customers, as well as share essential information as a service to these audiences.

Moreover, content creation — blogs, infographics, Q&As, testimonials, FAQs, and more — shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to give your audience helpful and useful information in order to earn their trust, without expecting anything in return.

Ready to enhance relationship-building with your prospects and customers? Here are three effective ways to boost sales with written content.

1. Develop a Content Strategy Focused on Your Customers’ Needs

To better anticipate and serve your prospects’ and customers’ needs, you’ll want to work directly with your marketing and communications teams to formulate a successful content strategy. Now, if you’re new to creating content outlines and final content copy, you’re certainly not alone, but must catch up quickly.

In fact, 80 percent of consumers prefer learning about a business through its custom written content. Here are a few ways to start developing your content strategy from scratch:

  • Focus on increasing your company’s brand awareness to drive more revenue, which involves incorporating SEO practices to increase website visibility, thereby driving traffic to specific products or services.
  • Present your organization’s overall mission and vision clearly to showcase why you’re a leader in this space.
  • Speak to your existing customers, letting them know how much you appreciate them. This approach allows for growth, transformation and loyalty among customers who have already put faith in your products or services.

2. Determine What Problems You’ll Solve for Your Audience

A great deal of content, especially blog posts, deals with helping visitors to your website solve a problem. To achieve this goal, most companies develop compelling content that helps answer some of their prospects and customers’ most burning questions. More to the point, these content creators write purposeful content that showcases how their company’s products and services can help individuals and businesses alike achieve their goals.

To that end, offer your readers solutions that they can perform on their own with everyday products or methods. Then, find a way to subtly present how your business can help them at a reasonable cost while saving time and energy. Best of all, let them know your product or service is the most effective, offering them a strong ROI.

3. Reach Out to a Content Strategy Platform

Navigating the process of launching a strong and successful content strategy might seem overwhelming, especially if your business is a relatively new start-up or your team is small. However, no matter where your organization is in terms of growth and staffing, delivering high-quality written content is vital to moving forward and upward.

While you can certainly develop content on your own, you may find the learning curve and time and resource investment costs are too high, resulting in abandoning the process or producing poor and ineffective content. There’s good news on this front, though. If you would rather opt to use a third-party provider for creating content, you can turn to a company like DemandJump, which offers solutions for creating powerful content that can help attract new leads and improve overall sales for your business.

Boost Sales with Your New Content Strategy

No matter how you plan to approach your new content strategy, do so with care and thoughtfulness. Remember that your customers, both current and future, will count on your organization to serve as an authoritative voice in their industry, so respect their trust with meaningful content. Whether you work with your in-house marketing team or reach out to expert third-party content strategists, it’s time to start plugging away.

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