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Technology: Our Only Way Out
Blog / Leadership / Jul 7, 2020 / Posted by Nikolaus Kimla / 557 

Technology: Our Only Way Out


We can certainly say that finding our way totally out of this crisis is taking far longer than expected. Some areas are starting to open up—some areas even fully open—and that’s great, but many others have a long way to go. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty about the future.

The only big winner is technology. If you have a business model being supported by technology, or you have services that deal with such, you’ll make it through the crisis. Conversely, without technology, it will be impossible—just think for a moment what would happen if we were cut off from the internet in the present environment.

Like No Other Event

This is certainly an event like none other in history. It has brought a society-wide transformation like no other single event ever has. No one could have foreseen it. It also affected us on a global basis, another aspect like no other event in history. This morning I was on a call with partners in Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. It’s amazing to me that it’s the same situation there, as here, and everywhere.

It’s a shame that such advanced technology was not utilized to deal with the crisis—at least not nearly to the degree it could have been. With all the solutions at our disposal, we were not able to orchestrate and coordinate a common-sense strategy for everyone. As an example, we could have utilized technology to consult the populations of the world. We can vote with our smartphones, and we could have voted on solutions that, instead, were forced onto us from above and were quite damaging.

If scientists had utilized technology to truly collaborate and coordinate, we would probably have a very different situation. Even the media could have done some of this, instead of continual fear-mongering.

As can be seen from our mistakes, we have a lot to learn. The “command and control” approach to the situation has in some ways shot us back to the Middle Ages, instead of moving us forward. I’m sure there will be a lot of books analyzing this whole situation and how it could have been handled differently.

Technology Trend Increasing

It’s the biggest learning experience we could ever have conceived—and we’re only making it through with technology. Consequently, we’ve seen a boost in technology like never before. This trend will only be increasing. The more we embed technology in our lives, the more we utilize it in our behavior or include it structurally on a daily basis, it is almost inevitable that we will continue to see a whole different society coming about faster than we ever believed possible.

Technology, when properly programmed, is error-free. We can see its true capabilities in the recent SpaceX launch and journey to the International Space Station. I’m not saying that technology will make decisions for us—but as I said I don’t think we’ve used our systems world-wide in ways that truly could have benefitted us. We need to examine this carefully because there is rarely an event of this kind that only happens once—this has never been the case all through history. For example, we had a massive world war that, in about 20 years, was followed by an even worse one. And we still have wars happening. We must be ready for anything, and technology can keep us ready.

For Sales

Why is technology so crucial for sales? Because sales are only becoming more complex. Just within the technology field, purchasing decisions for technology were once the sole purview of the IT department. As technology became more important, it came under a new role, the CIO. Today, however, because technology decisions can have such a tremendous impact on a company, it often falls to the whole board. The broader a platform or an application, the more stakeholders are involved. Everyone needs to get their questions answered so the right decisions are made because wrong decisions can shoot your company back years, or even lose the business for you.

More powerful technology allows you to analyze the prospect and their decision process. It allows you to make simplicity from the multi-impact of different kinds of information, to filter out the noise. Filtering out the noise allows you to hear that little sound that might be very important.


To sum up, technology is our future. The more we engage with it, the better we’ll do. The technology we use must be easy to interact with—visual, instant, dynamic, engaging, intuitive, aesthetic, and logical. These are, by the way, all the qualities possessed by Pipeliner CRM.

About Author

A 30-year veteran of the computer industry, Nikolaus has founded and run several software companies. He and his company uptime iTechnology are the developers of World-Check, a risk intelligence platform eventually sold to Thomson Reuters for $520 million. He is currently the founder and CEO of Pipeliner Sales, Inc., developer and publisher of Pipeliner CRM, the first CRM application aimed squarely at actually empowering salespeople. Also a prolific writer, Nikolaus has authored over 100 ebooks, articles and white papers addressing the subjects of sales management, leadership and sales itself.

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James Kisungwe commented...

Indeed with technology win-win situation can be achieved. With Pipeliner CRM you have an advantage at the top.


Victor Nwokocha commented...

Technology, is the right way to go. In the past it has solved man’s problems, and it’s likely going to accelerate the solutions to this pandemic raving the world today.
Technology is our future, the more we engage with it, the better.

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