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Strategies for Business Growth Success
Blog / Leadership / Dec 8, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 33

Strategies for Business Growth Success


Strategies for Business Growth Success

Business growth success depends upon embracing the mindset of ‘never give up’ no matter the conversation (s) behind our backs. Often, when adversity rears its ugly head, many will hide in the crowded playing field or give up. Focus and mindset are the primary factors involved in strategies for business growth success.

Remembrances of my fun-filled conversations with my clientele shaped how I grew my entrepreneurship. The experience models my drive to share stories with laughter and build relationships.

Seek the Like-Minded

No matter the activity, whether building business, networking, accepting interview opportunities, or connecting with clientele, seek those who are of a similar mindset. The reasoning is to maintain and grow your determination and focus for advancements.

Ellee Kennedy, host of ‘Slay the Sale Podcast’ shares similar humor and contributes to inspiring conversations. Upon receiving the invitation to be her guest on her new podcast, ‘Slay the Sale,’ a smile overcame me as I knew we had much in common.

Treasure the Like-Minded Salespeople

A good time was ours as you will detect upon watching the podcast, ‘Slay the Sale!

Liked-minded Themes:

  • Gamify obstacles to improve.
  • Ask to collaborate with like-minded and promote one another.
  • Strive to break barriers and the statistics to move to the top of the charts.
  • Embrace the motto, ‘Never give up but find a better way’ to slay the sale!

Mindset Differentiates the Successful

Hearing ‘no’ becomes the right time to inquire about a better time to reconnect.

Our prospective clientele becomes personal trainers when we are willing to inquire about the following:

  1. Their preferences and their reasoning
  2. Their timeline
  3. Their budget

Upon receiving the answers, we ultimately know the precise next steps to be gifted with the sale, assuming we follow their directions.

The answer ‘no’ is frequently temporary, and the budget can change due to either executive orders or upon our prospective clients realizing the value we bring to their benefit.

Strategies for Business Growth Success implies the question, will you do what’s necessary to ‘slay the sale’?

Winning the sale requires:

  • Tenacity
  • Humbleness
  • Facing adversity with diplomacy
  • Adapting new trends and styles always
  • Refining skills forever


Our intuition can direct our advancements when we consider them regularly. Upon realizing you may be in a comfort zone that you don’t wish to leave, that’s the perfect time to challenge yourself to do so!

Admit: Will you challenge yourself to move ahead of the pack and slay the upcoming sale?

Conclusion: Business Growth Success

The enabler for business growth success is your passion and purpose to remain on track for your ultimate achievement and then pursue it with everything you have.

Sales Tips:The Sales Success Secrets

  1. Admit what you need to know and what may enhance your skills.
  2. Prioritize the necessary learning and commit to it.
  3. Maintain a running list for ongoing education.
  4. Consider taking an improvisation class to respond naturally and spontaneously to new situations.
  5. Observe the behaviors of the top producers in your company for ideas to improve your game.
  6. As an entrepreneur, observe those you admire to enhance your skills.
  7. Test unusual ideas when a smile arrives unexpectedly.
  8. Implement the new strategies that work well for you.
  9. Commit to learning and improving each day.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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