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Leadership Uncovered: Navigating with Simplicity and Insight
Blog / Leadership / Jan 30, 2024 / Posted by Summer Davies / 14

Leadership Uncovered: Navigating with Simplicity and Insight


I just wanted to drop in and share some cool stuff from my latest podcast episode. I had an amazing chat with Summer Davies, who knows a ton about making leaders out of regular folks. We talked about all sorts of things that can trip you up if you’re trying to lead a team, especially in smaller businesses.

Here’s the lowdown:

The Big Oops in Leadership: It’s pretty common to see someone who’s awesome at their job get promoted to a boss. But then they’re like a deer in headlights. This isn’t just awkward.  It can throw a wrench in how things run at work. We dived into why this happens and brainstormed ways to make sure people are ready for these leadership roles.  So they don’t just feel thrown into the deep end.

Climbing the Ladder Doesn’t Always Mean Being the Boss: People often think that the only way to move up in your career is to become a manager. But that’s not the only path to success. We explored how being top-notch in your current role is equally valuable. Companies should nurture this kind of talent, too, offering paths for growth that don’t force everyone into a management box.

Teaching, Not Just Fixing: The role of a manager isn’t just to jump in and fix problems at the last minute. They should be more like teachers or mentors, helping their team grow and learn. We shared a story about a company that was always in crisis mode, dealing with emergencies, which kept them from addressing deeper, underlying issues.

Cheering for the Wins: Recognizing and celebrating someone’s success is as important as pointing out mistakes. It’s about giving specific feedback on what they’re doing right. This positive reinforcement can boost morale and encourage good practices.

Linking Day-to-Day Work with Big Goals: Summer emphasized how crucial it is for managers to connect the everyday tasks of their team with the overall goals of the company. This might be as simple as using reminder cards to keep everyone aligned and focused on the bigger picture.

Keep It Real and Simple: A big part of a manager’s job is understanding and communicating the company’s objectives. This should be done in simple, clear terms. Regular discussions with higher-ups can provide this clarity. The key is to make sure everyone understands how their work contributes to the company’s goals.  Without getting lost in complex language or concepts.

I really hope these nuggets of wisdom make you curious and get you to check out the full podcast. It’s crammed with tips and tricks for your leadership journey.

I can’t wait to share more great talks with you all!

About Author

Meet Summer Davies, an award-winning leadership development expert with over 15 years of experience. She helps burgeoning leaders develop the mindset and tactical skills to lead with impact, confidence, empowerment, and a genuine love for what they do. As a lifelong equestrian, beekeeper, and sub-par snowboarder, Summer brings a unique perspective and sense of urgency to Leadership Development conversations. Based in Parker, Colorado, she lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters, and together they love to travel, explore local breweries, and indulge in their passion for food trucks. Tune in to hear her inspiring journey from unexpected leadership to a passion-driven career in coaching and empowering others to become the leaders they aspire to be.


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