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Leaders and Sales – Have More Of An Impact With Customers
Blog / Leadership / Mar 19, 2020 / Posted by Mark Steel / 861 

Leaders and Sales – Have More Of An Impact With Customers


Impacting Success With Understanding

Many salespeople looking to amplify their success and have more impact with their customers will look towards sales skills and things that they can do in the room or on the phone with their customers. However, in today’s marketplace, leaders are suggesting that this may not be the best area to focus on. Instead, leaders are recommending that salespeople improve their soft skills, like emotional intelligence, empathic listening, demonstrating understanding, and really being able to hear their client’s challenges, and respond to those challenges with appropriate solutions. Because there’s more availability for connectedness in the world, this drives leaders to understand more of how their employees are feeling. Are they connected to the work they do? Are they inspired? Do they enjoy their job? All of these things are influenced by culture.

The Importance of Creating a Winning Culture

A sales organization is made up of many different kinds of people and workers. Most organizations will have a core group of full-time employees, although they may telecommute from different cities. Some workers might work on a part-time basis. Additionally, when a client throws a curveball problem that requires specific, unique expertise, a contractor or employee on retainer might be utilized when needed, but not kept on board when they are not needed. This creates a very dynamic organization, and it can be a challenge for leaders to create a winning culture amongst all the different workers across different time zones and modes of interacting.

Supporting a Diverse Culture

The more diverse and separated we are geographical, the harder it becomes to create that culture. As a leader, you have to create a culture that supports all of these different people in order to have a successful business. This means having routine conversations, using polls, gathering feedback, and taking a look at the responses of the people on their team and taking action based on that in order to create a culture that works for everyone.

About Author

Mark is an international sales and leadership keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, consultant, and speaking skills coach. In his 15 years with Microsoft, Mark stood out as a high-impact sales leader with over $1B in sales. Today, Mark inspires professionals to boost their success using confidence, purpose, and impact. Additionally, he is the host of the Invincible Success Podcast.

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Treasure Emamayie commented...

I sure would try to improve my skills, as I desire to be fully inclined with our rapid developing world.

A sales organization is made up of many different kinds of people and workers but sales are most interacting with our customer


zUKI qUAGRAINE commented...

This is a great article. I manage a very diverse group and as much as it has its advantages as a leaders I have to me patient and in understanding the individual as a whole.


Okunola Abiola commented...

i love this article.


Vincent Okafor commented...

Workplace is always made up of people of diverse culture and background but having a culture in place makes everyone to work towards a common goal.


Bolaji Ogunyemi commented...

It is high time for every salesperson to imbibe some core values like empathy,humility, resilience, etc to promote a good relationship with their customers. This will invariably affect the sales volume positively.


Samuel seyifunmi Amusan commented...



Elly Tangaza commented...

Sales people are key for any organization growth and it depend on how they are managed.


Victor Nwokocha commented...

Leaders has the responsibility of creating a unifying culture in the work place, culture like team work, customer focus, or culture of value addition these will have a positive impact on their customers.


rebecca kiletei commented...

its really nice article

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