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How to Prepare for a Winning Product Launch
Blog / Leadership / Aug 3, 2019 / Posted by Benjamin Powell / 4046

How to Prepare for a Winning Product Launch

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Most entrepreneurs fail at product launches. According to statistics, 75% of all product launches end up being failures. Why do you think that is?

Entrepreneurs have a habit of assuming too much. They will come up with a great product idea and just automatically assume that everyone else is going to love their product too.

However, they often do not spend enough time researching the market demand or preparing for their product launches. This kind of ignorance leads to their downfall.

If you want to prepare your business for a successful product launch, you must plan ahead

Event Planning Proposal

You must plan for your event. To best thing you can do is to fill out an event planning proposal template which clearly organizes the details of your product launch. This can be done right from your computer or mobile device.

It is even possible to add security features, branding, interactive quotes, embedded videos, and embedded images to the proposal.

Identify the Target Audience

Product launches must be directed toward a particular audience. What are the demographics and interests of your potential customers? Your product must be something they would want.

For instance, if you are introducing a new hearing aid product, then you obviously want to be targeting those with hearing difficulties.

Make Sure There is Demand for the Product

The easiest way to ensure a successful product launch is to satisfy growing demand. The market may be saturated with similar products as yours, which means there is more supply than demand.

To work around this, you need to make a product that is better or different than what anyone else is selling and has a unique selling point.

Research the Market Competition

Research and study the competition in your market carefully. Examine different aspects of what they are selling, such as the price, supply, demand, marketing, branding, etc.

As you review this information, you can get a better idea of how to organize the elements of your own product launch.

Test Your Product

Before you go through the trouble of marketing and selling your product, you better make sure it works perfectly. Depending on what the product is, you should have multiple beta testers to try out the product and ensure it is fully functional.

You do not want to end up releasing a product with bugs, glitches, or malfunctions. That could not only upset your audience, but it could ruin the reputation of your brand name too.

Focus on Branding

Your product launch must revolve around an established brand. If you want people to recognize your product in the future, then they will need to recognize the brand.

Create a catchy brand name, slogan, logo, and color scheme for your brand that people will easily remember.

Advertise the Benefits

Product launches need good marketing. A lot of entrepreneurs and businesspeople like to advertise the features of their products, but this is a mistake.

The audience wants to know how a product will benefit them. If you are only talking about its features, that is kind of like bragging about your own product.

How does that help other people? They want to know what it can do for them.

Gather a Good Team

Do not be one of these people who think they can manage a product launch on their own. It must be a collaborative effort with a highly skilled team that you can trust.

You can divide the responsibilities of the product launch amongst the team, according to your team members skills.

Stock Your Inventory

If your product launch results in hundreds or even thousands of orders, you will want to have the inventory ready to support all these orders. Customers do not like to be left waiting.

Assume the best rather than the worst. Perhaps a way of estimating the stock you will need depends on the number of people invited to your launch. Have a rough idea of how many you might expect to turn up for the event and have a few spares to hand.

Set Goals

What are your overall goals for your product launch? Are you merely trying to build awareness of your product and brand? Are you trying to generate at least 10,000 sales? Figure out what your goals are and plan your product launch around these.

About Author

Benjamin S Powell is the founder and CEO of DSA Global, a Thailand based digital marketing agency and Startup incubator. With a raft of successful startups and exits under his belt he consults to all levels of the tech industry throughout the Asia-Pac region.

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Ubadinanwa Adaugo commented...

To make a winning product launch the entrepreneur must not be fond of assuming but should set a goal.

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