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How To Achieve The Best As An Individual And Team
Blog / Leadership / Jan 5, 2020 / Posted by Eric Kapitulik / 2960

How To Achieve The Best As An Individual And Team

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Every organization wants to develop better leaders and create more cohesive teams. Eric Kapitulik has created a strategy for doing just that, and shares his strategy in the book: The Program, Lessons From Elite Military Units for Creating and Sustaining High-Performance Leaders and Teams.

Creating a Championship Culture:

Many organizations talk about creating a good culture, but they’re often isn’t a structure in place to develop that culture. Instead, the culture is allowed to develop organically, which can be successful, but also has the potential for creating a losing culture. The most successful teams stay laser-focused on that which they can control, with company culture being one of them. Be deliberate about creating a champion culture by determining and defining what core values and nonnegotiables are vitally important. Many of us don’t stop and think about personal or cultural values, but as leaders, thinking about these values is the single most imperative thing that can be done to create a successful team. Having core values and sticking by them is not difficult in theory, but in practice, it requires great discipline.

Defining Core Values:

The first step in creating a championship culture is to determine what the core values are, but the second step is just as important. Defining the core values for your team is something that is deeply personal, and a sum of the group’s experiences. Without creating a definition for each of the core values, there is the potential for ambiguity that could ultimately lead to a lack of adherence to said values. Reinforcing these clearly defined core values is what will keep groups focused and cohesive. Being what our culture says we ensure success.

The Importance of Selflessness:

Selflessness can be the difference between success and failure in an organization. When everyone puts the team first, that is when the ultimate goals can be achieved. Leaders have to encourage others to recognize selflessness within the organization, and also ensure that selfishness is weeded out of the organization in order to continue fueling a championship team. If you allow people who are selfish to be on your team, you cannot say that your core value is one of selflessness.

The Importance of Toughness:

Individuals can do well in life, but great teams compete for championships. Great teams are comprised of great teammates and great team leaders, be it a family, athletic team, government organizations, theater organizations, and corporations. The best teams have the best teammates and the best team leaders. In order to be the best, physical, mental, and emotional toughness is a pre-requisite. Everyone is a hero when it’s 70 degrees and sunny, but to be the best teammate and team leader when times get difficult requires toughness to persevere.

About Author

Born and raised in Thompson, CT, Eric Kapitulik attended Pomfret Preparatory School, where he excelled as a three-sport varsity athlete. Upon graduation, Eric matriculated at the United States Naval Academy, where he was a four-year varsity letter player on the Division I Lacrosse team.

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Jeff Oduor commented...

Personally, I think selflessness is one of the most important virtues a company can inculcate in their staff.

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