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#SalesChats Ep. 23: Sales Manager Enablement with Mike Kunkle


You’ve heard of “Sales Enablement” but what about “Sales Manager Enablement”? Mike Kunkle joins us for this #SalesChats to discuss this often overlooked subject.

For any company, the impetus for sales achievement begins with the sales manager. It only makes sense, then, that you must enable a sales manager just as you would a salesperson–or continue to enable them so they become better and better.

Often a salesperson is promoted into a sales manager position, and is then left to sink or swim. It’s no surprise, then that most sales managers only last an average of 18 months on the job.

Join us as we explore this important topic with well-known sales strategist, speaker and writer on sales transformation Mike Kunkle.


Q1: What is Sales Manager Enablement?

Q2: How sales manager enablement can boost sales results?

Q3: What are the most important steps to start with sales manager enablement?

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Mike help companies radically improve sales performance through disciplined and focused execution of a systems approach to sales (sales selection, sales support, sales learning, and sales management systems), which includes talent management, sales process, sales methodology, and sales technology.

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