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Don´t Get Lost! What it Means to Stay Focused
Blog / Leadership / Aug 1, 2016 / Posted by Martha Neumeister / 5787

Don´t Get Lost! What it Means to Stay Focused

We live in an age where the ability to stay focused is more or less a superpower. The power of staying consistent leads us to long-term greatness in almost every category of life. Like it or not, staying focused can lead you to achieve everything you want.

I´ve been working with our CEO Nikolaus Kimla for almost 12 years now. After the first 4 years, at 21 years old, I decided to return to education through evening classes. First, I just wanted to receive my high school certificate which took me 3 years. After that I decided to go to the university to get a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. The theoretical aspects of management and leadership, which I gained during my studies, helped me make better decisions by understanding every aspect of our business. A couple months after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I reached for further education to support me in my career as Social Media Strategist. I decided to pursue my master’s degree in information, media, and communication (you can categorize these into Online Marketing) which I completed in June 2016.

From high school all the way through obtaining my master’s degree was done solely through evening classes. This cost me a lot of time, energy and nerves, but I have learned what it really means to stay focused and to keep sight of your goals in education and business as well as in private life. Was it always easy? Absolutely not! I had a lot of situations where I wanted to give up on my plans. The following 3 approaches helped me and maybe will help you as well to improve productivity in order to stay focused:

Find someone or something to be your personal motivation

It has to be someone (a person) or something (a concrete goal you set for yourself) that motivates you to push yourself harder. Give the promise that you will get something done and set consequences for yourself if don´t deliver what you promised. That will give you much more motivation to keep your objective in view.

Timing is everything

Without having a timeline to get something done, you won´t do it in a given time frame. Often we push tasks, projects or a multitude of things off until tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or the day after the day after tomorrow.  We all know that tomorrow can mean a long time. So, set a deadline and deliver!

Don´t pay attention to distractions — finish what you start

Today distractions are everywhere. People often start working on a goal, then see or hear other things they would like to accomplish. At the end they are losing focus on their purpose. Do not start to compare your own goal with what other people are trying to finish! If you do, your own goal will never seem great, perfect or extraordinarily enough. This leads to doubts, and believe me this is not worthy of your time and energy. Stay on course and look forward to the rewards you will get from accomplishments.

The above-mentioned approaches are perhaps nothing new, but will often be forgotten. It will give you confidence, self-belief and power to stay focused over a long-period of time and to move forward in business, education and in your private life.

About Author

Martha is social media strategist, responsible for all social media platforms of Pipeliner CRM. She is a communication expert with social media affinity, which she has been focusing on throughout her professional career. She has a bachelor´s degree in Entrepreneurship & Management and a master´s degree in Online Marketing which supports her in her career as Social Media Strategist.

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