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Are You Feeling Confident About Business?
Blog / Leadership / Nov 6, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 51

Are You Feeling Confident About Business?


There is nothing better than ‘Finally’ feeling confident about business! But we are to heed the signals not to remain steadfast and allow our egos to grow; otherwise, we may experience a disastrous upheaval!

Admittedly, the amount of learning is almost unbearable upon starting a career. But with dedication, we journey forth and embrace better strategies for business growth. Soon, pride kicks in that we did it! The problem is that salespeople are highly competitive, similar to sports figures. Those attentive to our ‘moves’ will soon copy in their style to tackle our efforts.

No matter the topic or line of work, there are always two sides to each discussion. Those who desire success throughout their careers must dedicate themselves to a lifelong learning path to remain ahead of the curve, essential for sales and business growth.

The good news is that our initial feeling of confidence doesn’t completely fade away, as we can use it as the motivating force to continue forward and never stop. However, to continue the journey up the mountain of learning, it’s necessary to create a long-term goal to always have in mind as obstacles seemingly appear out of nowhere that can throw us off kilter.

‘Practice makes perfect.’

Becoming comfortable with obstacles and realizing how to get around them is essential for personal and business growth. One by one, test new ideas that come to mind or something that you hear. While one at a time may seem like a prolonged process, it is the only way to confirm whether it is appropriately working; otherwise, implementing more at the same time will interfere with the accuracy of knowing the facts.

Expand the Repertoire

Once you feel comfortable with the system, challenge yourself by setting almost unrealistic goals to challenge yourself and realize that you can do it! Explore opportunities such as a business for sale in Vancouver.

The next scary concept for the competitive-minded is to consider partnering or collaborating with those of similar values and priorities to expand possibilities and results exponentially.

Additional Learning

Rarely will an idea receive complete agreement from everyone. View the discord as learning and practice for future client negotiations. Maintain a positive mindset by realizing the negotiation training is free of charge, and you can practice it first-hand.

Expand Brand Awareness

When becoming comfortable with collaborative partners, consider sharing what you know with communities that can benefit from the help. Not only will your audience(s) be appreciative of your helpful advice, but the appreciation will also expand the branding of your company name on multiple levels:

You will see an increase in:

  • Testimonials
  • Referrals
  • Customer growth


It’s vital to accept that sharing contributes heavily to receiving but is a strategy often overlooked. Moreover, most salespeople focus strictly on selling, ignoring that branding and marketing precede sales. Corporate management will do better if they encourage sharing better strategies among team members in their meetings versus the traditional secrecy and competitiveness among them.

The bonus for corporate ongoing business growth is that the teamwork and constant motivation for salespeople will encourage them to remain at the company for the long term. The traditional ‘revolving-door syndrome’ concerning the continuing need to hire will disappear, positively adding to the bottom line.

In Conclusion: Feeling Confident About Business

Practice is the key to any endeavor, but not the ‘same old;’ ~ adopting the new. Over time, implementing new ideas can become routine and for an excellent outcome!

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Communicate to Attract Interest

Be A Story-Teller

“Believe, Become, Empower“

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Sales Tips:

Reconcile which strategies work well and which can use revision.

Stay abreast of industry news to realize the latest.

Research your top three competitors to realize their strengths and potential weaknesses.

Communicate your unique stance in the industry.

Be willing to test one new idea at a time and revise until it works well.

Add complementary strategies one at a time to ensure a robust effect.

Routinely monitor all systems in place.

Commit to learning and accepting new ideas to explore further.

Ensure customer service is a top priority.

Celebrate Success!

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