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5 Ways to Empower Your Team in the Workplace
Blog / Leadership / Nov 6, 2020 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 3344

5 Ways to Empower Your Team in the Workplace


Human resource is a very crucial element in any business venture. Well, if you are looking to steer ahead of the competition, then one secret is having a motivated and happy team working like a well-oiled machine. Of course, empowering your team is akin to plenty of steps in the right direction to attain the productivity you are craving. It makes the employees feel loved, thus boosting their productivity. Let us take you through some proven ways to empower your team in the workplace.

Delegate with the Right Intention

Delegating duties to your team can either backfire or become fruitful, depending on the reason behind it. Well, most managers delegate duties to get themselves off the hard work and find themselves more free time. This kind of delegation is negative because employees feel overused and overruled. However, you are on the right track if you delegate duties with the intention to help your team to grow. It might be that you want some junior members to gain more experience or generally improve them in their areas. Provided the intention is about developing the employees, delegation, therefore, becomes empowerment.

Invest in the Right Tools and Infrastructure

One way to empower employees is to make sure that they are using the right tools like PMO 365 and infrastructure. A good example is using the right computing devices and top internet speed connection to help them undertake assigned tasks/projects. You want devices that are fast and reliable in a way that employees won’t have to struggle to work. Yes, if they have been complaining of speed, then chances are this is hindering productivity.

So, invest in the right tools and keep them well maintained. Don’t let an accumulation of junky files suffocate your hard disk and slow your business computers. You should also protect devices and your network against viruses and other malware that can hurt operations. Invest in protective tools like antivirus and a good malware cleaner software to keep your business computers run smoothly and eventually improve employee productivity. Don’t let slow computers lead to the mental anguish that will slow down your work performance. It is also good to ask for feedback to ensure employees have the right tools and devices they need to help them work better.

Show your Trust

Trust is an essential ingredient in winning the loyalty of employees. If you don’t trust your employees, loyalty will be hard to come by because suspicion will often be in the air. One of the ways to trust employees is to give them the autonomy to do projects in their own way rather than imposing your means. Provided they accomplish the project well. Remember to give them a pat in the back and correct them in a way that they are motivated to do better.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Talking of giving them a pat in the back, employees love being appreciated for the good work they do. However, being general in your feedback might mean that you won’t highlight impressive areas and where the employee can improve. You can pinpoint the things that impressed you so that the employee knows exactly his/her strengths and weaknesses as well.

Be Informative

The importance of information in any organization cannot be underestimated. Without enough and proper information, employees may miss out on fully helping the organization. If employees, for example, have slim information about the goals of a given project, they might miss the opportunity to contribute effectively. Also, allow open information in the organization. The information should travel up and down the organization so that even the lower-level employees can influence their place of work.

Wrapping up

There are a plethora of other ways you can use to empower your team in the workplace. Reward and recognition can go a long way in improving employee motivation and team morale. Even small gifts like a care package with everyday items, such as office supplies, a quality T-shirt, and treats, can make employees feel appreciated, valued, and empowered. When they feel good about themselves and how the company treats them, they are more likely to perform exceptionally well at their jobs. Try to analyze your employee performance and find ways to make them work better. It is always important to listen to them rather than impose measures on them.

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