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Enhancing Sales with the Human Touch (video)


I’m excited to share insights from my recent discussion with Richard Harris, a respected sales expert and author of “The Seller’s Journey.” We explored the critical role of human interaction in sales and how it enriches the seller’s experience.

Understanding the Seller’s Journey

Richard emphasized that selling is more than a process; it’s a human experience. Decisions in sales are influenced not just by needs, but by how buyers are treated. “You can win business based on how you do business, human to human,” Richard noted. This perspective shifts the focus from the buyer’s journey to the seller’s experiences and challenges.

The Crucial Role of Human Interaction

Reflecting on my experiences, I noted that customers may love a product but dislike dealing with the company. This underscores the importance of aligning internal processes to enhance the buyer’s experience. Richard and I agreed that this alignment should extend across the entire organization, not just the sales team.

In today’s tech-driven world, maintaining human contact is vital. Richard pointed out, “AI can help us be better, but it cannot replace the human touch.” We discussed how adding a personal touch to sales strategies can significantly differentiate one from competitors, especially when customer expectations are generally low.

Active Listening as a Sales Tool

Richard highlighted active listening as a key tool in sales. It shows customers that you are truly interested in their needs. He suggests using a respect contract at meetings to establish mutual goals and expected outcomes, promoting a respectful and focused discussion.

A unique approach Richard uses involves addressing skepticism within the buyer’s team. You can identify and address potential objections effectively by asking about the most skeptical team member and their concerns. “Often, the skeptic has more influence than supporters or even the champion,” Richard explained.

Sales Training and “The Seller’s Journey”

Richard’s sales training focuses on strategies that empower sales reps to ask the right questions and build credibility. His book, backed by a money-back guarantee, encapsulates his sales philosophy and offers practical advice for enhancing sales approaches.

The Power of Human Interaction

Our conversation with Richard Harris highlighted the indispensable value of human interaction in sales. While technology is helpful, the genuine connections we make with buyers are what truly resonate and lead to success. I recommend exploring Richard’s book “The Seller’s Journey” and taking advantage of his insights on effective sales strategies.

Thank you for joining this exploration of the seller’s journey. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions that can help refine your sales approach and enhance your professional growth.

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