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Do You Believe In Two Sides to Every Situation?
Blog / Improving Sales Team Performance / Feb 13, 2022 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 931

Do You Believe In Two Sides to Every Situation?


Long ago, I learned there are two sides to every situation and to figure out my thoughts before responding to an important issue. But upon moving forward, I realized that the concept of there being only two sides is not valid! Sometimes, multiple sides pop up upon examining an initial and seemingly straightforward question. Accordingly, it takes dedication to the issue to develop new ideas, strategies, and implementation.

The multiple sides to perplexing issues give more reason to examine what each workforce is doing about diversity and inclusion. Without the willingness to include people who may think differently from most, we miss unique business development and sales opportunities.

Team meetings are the perfect place to practice listening, seriously consider differing viewpoints and ideas, plus negotiate an agreeable outcome. And upon hiring trainers, it is wise to ensure they mirror the same for teams versus traditional ‘my way is the only way it will work.’ The sales teams willing to embrace the suggestion of welcoming a wide range of thought are likely to experience their sales staff being highly motivated to do well and become more adept with clientele.

Sharing thought and listening is the preliminary step of the sales cycle. As the title indicates, there are more than two sides to every situation. Why? Sometimes, there are twists and turns taking us by surprise. And that is another reason why diverse thinking is best when it comes to important decisions for securing the business.

Salespeople leave much money on the table by not believing that there are more than two sides to every situation. They miss out on potential future possibilities. Worse, they frequently only see one option and offer it with the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. They expect a ‘yes, we will buy from you,’ only to feel disappointment upon hearing ‘no,’ and then get up to exit and never return.

Sales are generally far more complex than a simple yes or no answer. The better approach is to open the limitless door of possibilities by asking many questions before getting up to leave. By doing so, it is far more likely to exit with a smile on your face!

“Begin viewing ‘no’ as the start of an in-depth conversation.

The better response is to ask questions using your unique vocabulary:

  • Is your no, just for now or forever?
  • Will you share your previous experiences so I may have a better understanding?
  • Now that I know more about your position, may we explore it further today or set a new appointment at your convenience?

Prospective clients you meet the first time are surprised by your interest in their experiences and insights. The process encourages them to be more open to you, the sales representative. Further conversations become more open relaxed, and they detect that you are doing your best to understand their situation to provide the help they need. The sales process transforms from hardcore to a relaxed and friendly negotiated conversation. It is the actual practice from which teams will benefit back in the office.

Upon examining multiple sides to a situation, the next step for the corporate business is to have inter-department meetings with open conversations. Encouragement of sharing their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and ideas will lead to a far more robust output. A side benefit may well be longer-term employment to reduce turnover costs. Similar to a sales funnel, you may also build a pipeline for future employees interested in your company.

One step leads to the next. The overall approach will likely lead to a more robust branding effort, favorable reputation, and meeting requests from prospective clients. Not only is it best for the workforce to be mixed on multiple levels, but the reception for all is to be inclusive and encouraging of the more robust thought for new ideas and strategies. In other words, your clientele seeks you out as your reputation builds favorably.

When the requests begin to pour in, it’s the opposite of traditional sales and known as attraction marketing. Once again, we eliminate the two-side approach to a sale of ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Instead, we have a diverse approach to business that includes building a solid reputation and brand that grow into a familiar company—accordingly, requests for meetings, products, and services increase.

Next, we position our entrepreneurship or company to take the selling process exponentially by incorporating better social media strategies on the platforms most of our clientele utilizes. The global connections and collaborative activities help grow our business by exponential numbers.

In conclusion, there are rarely only two sides to every situation in today’s world. Acknowledging the fact will enable the Smooth Sale!

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