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Dedicated to Change and Clearing Obstacles
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Dedicated to Change and Clearing Obstacles


The workplace is forever changing, and the staff at some companies is comprised of multiple generations. Tradition holds much wisdom. However, it’s critical to pay attention to the rise in new technology, as it will affect your bottom line. New tech, including AI, is undoubtedly more challenging for seniors to adapt to, while younger generations will likely have the knowledge to assist with the updates.

The workplace has dramatically changed on many levels, including:

  • Multi-generational
  • Greater diversity
  • Remote work vs. corporate

Management needs to embrace the fact that differences exist more than ever and that ignoring them will not help any one person or the business. Moreover, diversity exists in many ways, including race, heritage, disabilities, work preferences, and communication styles.

Regardless of the topic, you will receive diverse opinions and insights. Wise leaders are inclusive and welcome varying thoughts for sharing, learning, and deeper conversations to benefit everyone involved.

Questions Propel Open Conversations

Before attempting to begin a serious conversation, it’s more essential than ever to ask for the individual’s preferred communication style. While adhering to everyone’s communication preferences may sound time-consuming, the payoff will be timely and quality responses. With a large staff, creating a reminder to review everyone’s choice will be best should you experience a forgetful state of mind.

Mindset Encompasses Sales Strategy

Every conversation outcome, whether with friends, associates, staff, prospects, or clients, depends upon our frame of mind, which affects business considerations.

Updates in thinking:

  • The old age expression is ‘curiosity killed a cat,’
  • The more modern thought is that ‘curiosity opens doors.
  • ‘When one door closes, another can open.’

Each Generation Can Provide Value

A younger person asked about story-sharing. Many of us fear sharing poor experiences due to past ridicule and no more of it. However, seniors have many experiences and insights that can empower younger people by sharing them.

Seemingly, the sharing requires bravery to reveal errors or mistreatment so that younger people can learn about the worst to improve and achieve the best. I owe my story-sharing efforts to a Dale Carnegie public speaking class long ago, plus his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It quickly became my selling differentiator, and clients began to refer to me as ‘A Breath of Fresh Air.’

Bridging the Divide

We all know that disagreement arrives on all levels. Our first job is to figure out where the disconnect may be and to strive to find a solution. But it’s best to save time and move on if it isn’t workable.

Sales taught me to welcome either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, as it invites trust and the realization of what should occur next.

My evergreen question for when I didn’t understand a situation or a statement is ‘Why?’ or ‘What has been your experience coming to that conclusion?’ Moreover, a calm tone of voice behind the questions invites deeper insights for better understanding and approach to the suggestions awaiting.

In Conclusion: Tradition versus the New in Business

Bridging the divide between generations is a fabulous learning curve for all willing. The underlying factor is inclusion among all you meet and with whom you work. By being as accommodating as possible, like Carnegie, we can all win more friends and influence more people to enjoy a robust career and business!

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