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C-Level Selling
Blog / Improving Sales Team Performance / Jun 25, 2020 / Posted by Steve Hall / 2650

C-Level Selling

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Who is at C-Level?

The C-suite refers to a group of executive-level managers and leaders within a company. Some of these individuals include the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief information officer, and other high ranking people within a company. When sales are involved, the person at c-level is the highest level person that has any involvement in authorizing what you’re selling. Getting meetings, pitching, and ultimately closing deals are so important, because it allows you to sell high-value services or products, and get purchase authorization directly from the person who signs the check.

Getting to C-Level?

Often times, people don’t make their way up to the people in the C-suite. They get comfortable selling to the people who are really just door openers, and stay at that level instead of engaging with the people who truly matter. Many people don’t have the confidence to sell to top-level executives. In order to get meetings and land sales with the high up people who matter, you have to have confidence, and knowledge about the business, their perspective, and what they care about. If you have the confidence and do your research, you are on your way to getting c-level meetings.

Picking the Right Target:

Part of selling individuals at the c-suite level involves knowing who you are selling to, and what their needs are. These meetings are at a premium, and you need to know the value that you add to the company and prove to the executive that you can give them what they care about. If you don’t, it could easily be a mistake. If you want to sell at this level, you better have your homework and research done. You have to understand the issues and be prepared to have a valuable conversation where you add some research. This means picking the right target. If you begin doing research on a company, and realize that they have needs that your product or service cannot meet, you’re not likely to have a successful outcome when selling to them. Pick the targets where you understand their needs, and can confidently articulate why your product or service can meet their needs and add value.

About Author

Steve is Australia’s leading Authority on “C” Level sales and Managing Director of Executive Sales Coaching Australia. He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services to “C” level executives in 23 countries in a career spanning 35 years in various executive roles. As an Executive Coach and Devil’s Advocate Steve asks the hard questions that help his clients get results, particularly when selling at “C” level.

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