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Embracing a Nomadic Mindset to Expand Personal and Professional (video)


Are you a nomad by heart? In this, Expert Insight Interview, Kevin Cottam discusses embracing a nomadic mindset to expand and evolve personal and professional life. Kevin Cottam is a Global Nomad, CEO of Go Nomading Pte Ltd, leadership coach, professional speaker, and the author of the book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle for Too Long.

The interview discusses:

  • Identifying a nomadic mindset
  • Eliminating constraints
  • Committing yourself
  • Dealing with uncertainty

The Nomadic Mindset

The nomadic mindset is not necessarily about physical travel but a spiritual and mental movement of the mind. We live in a culture that limits our beliefs. Thus, we need to break barriers that dictate how we should do things and focus more on how we want to do them. People nowadays are very narrow in their views and need to get wider. By looking at different perspectives and seeing new opportunities, you expand your mind and its flexibility.


To expand our minds, we have to eliminate the constraints that today’s culture puts on us. Spending time in nature, meditating, or traveling to meet new people and cultures are some of the ways to do it. Our minds are fed too much with distraction by the news, social media, etc. The key is to become consciously aware of the noise so that you can get rid of it.

Commitment to You

In a world where everybody complains about how busy they are, you have to commit yourself to find time for reflection. Reflection time is a time of observing and becoming still, alerted, actively listening, curious, and intuitive.

The significance of reflecting is identifying the impact that we are making on the world both individually and organizationally. To go nomading inside ourselves means figuring out where we are going and what our hearts truly want. It means finding the richness of our soul and sense of wonderment. Wonderment is like dreaming, which is indeed that creative space leading to ideas and breakthroughs.


Another thing that we can hear today is that people feel disconnected from themselves. That mostly has to do with the uncertainty. The uncertainty is constant in life, yet we still try to organize and control it. We only need to be in control of who we are. Our thoughts are constantly migrating and evolving, and the nomadic mindset is about letting the freedom of movement and richness of the individualism in the community. The sense of belonging to the community disappears in the Western world. However, it is still the key to the understanding of humanity, creativity, and innovation.

Our Host

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist, he has conducted over 1500 video interviews of thought leaders for Sales POP! online sales magazine & YouTube Channel and for audio podcast channels where Sales POP! is rated in the top 2% of most popular shows out of 3,320,580 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

About Author

Kevin Cottam, PCC, ASC - Inspiring Nomadic Evolution - Global Nomad - TEDx Professional Speaker, Leadership Coach, Author. For over 40 years, Kevin has choreographed, inspired, coached, and guided, world and Olympic figure skating champions and directed the 1988 Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

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