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12 Ways To Increase Sales
Blog / Improve Sales Skills / Oct 18, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 2068

12 Ways To Increase Sales


 It is curious as to why many people in the sales profession ignore conventional wisdom. Should they change their mindset and approaches to consider the traditional advice, there is no doubt their outcomes will improve substantially.

Time and again, we witness people cutting off others as they speak, making assumptions that have no bearing, and focusing on the sale while ignoring the prospective customer staring them in the face.

1. Put the Client’s Perspective First

In your workspace, yes, concentrate on what it will take to make the sale.

But upon speaking with your prospective client, put your desires aside. Begin the conversation by asking the other person what caught their interest to take the time to talk with you. Their answer will provide the proper insight and lead you down a better path.

2. Make Your First Meeting A Learning Opportunity

Most people err in first meetings by repeating scripted words.

The issues are many with this approach.

Much of the time, the vocabulary is not compatible with one’s personality, and the lack of comprehension is apparent from the prospect’s perspective. Toss any script you may have. Instead, inquire about the person’s and the company’s standing today, tomorrow, and hopes for the future.

3. Build Your Unique Brand

As you continue asking questions and clarifying anything that requires more insight, prospective clients begin to notice. You begin to differentiate yourself from almost everyone else and build what’s known as your personal brand.

4. Be Personable

Business development does not mandate that you strictly concentrate on the potential business at hand. Be professionally personal too. Inquire how the people with whom you meet chose their careers and how they enjoy it.

Encourage sharing professional experiences that may produce some laughter. ‘Building rapport is the conduit for building business.

5. Establish Credibility and Trust

People ‘buy yours’ first before they seriously consider the products and services you are selling. They often make special requests to see how you handle them. Punctuality and follow-up are essential for building credibility and trust. Being faithful to a CRM system that keeps you up to date and alert is vital for your future success.

6. Accept The Curves and Twists

Not every sale is a straight path, and sometimes a pending sale that appears to be certain may be postponed. Emotions never work well. Instead, inquire about the reasons for the delay. Ask how you may potentially work together to move forward down the road. Avoid being pushy, but rather, demonstrate patients and a willingness to work together however long it may take.

7. Eliminate the Baseball Syndrome

Many salespeople look to hit a home run when it comes to selling service at a high price, implement it, and then never look back; instead, they continue to run.

8. Find The Value In The Relationship

The better approach after making a sale is to be professionally friendly and check in with your client according to their wishes. Ensure everything meets expectations; if not, ask how they want to see improvement. Have a meeting of the minds to come to an agreement and move forward together.

9. Focus On The Smooth Sale

Deliver service excellence and be personable all the while. Focusing your attention on your clientele instead of ‘sell, sell, sell’ will convert your clientele into your salesforce. They will be providing you and your company with repeat business, referrals, testimonials, and referrals, making it smooth ‘sale-ing.’

10. Revise The Plan

First and foremost, recognize what you do well to maximize the effort. Next, come to terms with only a tiny percentage of attempted business coming to fruition. Compile a list consisting of two columns: the business that did not complete and the finalized sales. Consider the approaches and strategies used and a common theme among one of the columns. Revise what does not work well, and do your best to leverage what does work.

11. Continue Learning

Learning is to be a lifetime commitment. Confer with peers regarding their latest tools and strategies and what they believe to be helpful. Read articles on business sites and keep abreast of the news to realize how it affects business and your clientele. All combined, you will make a positive impression in future client meetings.

12. Celebrate Success!

Sales can be a challenging and lonely road, provoking the need for one to remain motivated. When a sale does finalize, take a moment to review what you did well, and take time out to enjoy a nice meal with a good friend.

When you take time out to acknowledge yourself in a good way, it helps maintain a healthy mental state and motivates continuing the never-ending effort!

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