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Top 5 Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns for Real Estate Recruiting
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Top 5 Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns for Real Estate Recruiting


One of the most important recruitment tools that many real estate brokerages have access to is drip marketing campaigns. Through the strategic scheduling of newsletters and other forms of messages, you can communicate more efficiently with both passive and active candidates. When implemented correctly, drip campaigns ultimately increase your chances of attracting the best real estate agents.

The best thing about drip campaigns is that they use a simple platform that everyone’s familiar with: email. As such, real estate software developers have seamlessly incorporated this feature into their products. You can click here if you want to know more about tools that can help you preload the optimized recruitment campaigns that allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Better Engagement and the Opportunity to Nurture Leads

Using email drip campaigns can help you boost engagement with potential hires, no matter which stage they’re in in the recruitment process. As soon as an applicant performs an action, such as clicking on a button on your website or filling out an online form, your system can automatically send a corresponding message. This simply means that you can take advantage of every opportunity to interact with candidates.

This also means that you can continue to nurture your leads even post-closure, keeping your brokerage top of mind and in a positive light. With increased brand recall and positive perception, candidates will be more likely to initiate contact themselves instead of you doing the proverbial chasing.

Ability to Effectively Re-Engage Previous Leads

Of course, not all candidates will make it to the end of the recruitment process. Most of the time, your real estate brokerage only has a couple of openings at a time. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should completely cut ties with previous leads. The better thing to do is to actually stay in touch, so you can re-engage them when the time is right.

Do note that some people tend to stop responding to recruitment-related emails after they get hired. The key here is to recraft your messages so that they’re not focused on hiring but rather building connections and establishing your credibility.

Easily Promote What’s Important to the Receiver

Different job candidates have different priorities. For example, newly licensed real estate agents will likely be more interested in training and career advancement opportunities. Meanwhile, more senior and experienced real estate agents are probably looking for brokerages that let them flex their management skills.

Fortunately, with the right tools in place, you can easily segment your leads and thus craft tailor-fit messages for them. This way, you can avoid transactional emails (one-off messages that don’t invite engagement) and thus increase the likelihood of positive responses.

Make the Candidate Journey More Efficient

It’s no secret that real estate recruitment is a multistage process that takes a lot of work. With email drip campaigns, you can now automate a tedious yet important part of the candidate journey. This can help improve the candidate experience, resulting in more successful recruitment programs. At the same time, you can invest more time in other facets of recruitment like conducting interviews or refining the selection process.

Keep in mind, however, that your drip marketing campaigns won’t be immediately good on their own. You need to put some thought behind them. There are real estate recruitment software that comes with email templates, but it’s up to you to optimize them according to your goals.

You Can Be Persistent Without Being Irritating

Keeping potential hires engaged, especially passive candidates, requires consistent communication. The problem is that there’s a fine line between being persistent and being annoying. You have to be able to masterfully toe this line if you want to be perceived by agents as a good brokerage to work for and with—even if they aren’t able to just yet.

The good thing is that the very essence of drip email campaigns is for you to be able to send the right message at the right time. This means that you can continuously send messages that are welcomed rather than dreaded. As a result, you can both find good hires and maintain a network of real estate agents.

It might seem like an outdated mode of communication when compared to social media or even messaging apps, but email is definitely here to stay. It’s a highly effective, highly personalized way to keep in touch with customers, which is why even the biggest brands continue to use it for promotions and customer engagement.

Through the help of the right tools, your brokerage can also make the most of email’s potential through drip campaigns. You likely already have a couple of campaigns running but if not, it’s time to start one. Follow best practices—craft catchy subject lines, keep your emails mobile-friendly and avoid the use of too many “buzzwords”—to make the most of the platform. Pretty soon, you’ll enjoy bigger success on your recruitment programs.

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