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4 Best Tips for Hiring the Right People for Your Business
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4 Best Tips for Hiring the Right People for Your Business


Every business needs to hire new staff from time to time. Even the best-managed workplaces have some degree of churn. Any growing business will need to hire new people to keep up with the operation’s demands. Maybe permanent workers aren’t what you need, but contract, temporary or seasonal help would fit your needs.

Once you decide you need new staff and figure out what kind of staff you’ll need, you still need to attract and acquire new people. The correct prospective hires with the skills necessary to help you meet your goals and keep your customers happy. Streamlining the hiring process will help alleviate the frustration these open-ended tasks can cause and enable you to fill vacant positions quickly and efficiently.

The following four tips will help you get new people on board with minimum effort and downtime, allowing you to focus on more important things.

1. Use the Right Technology—All of It

Automation and the role of AI in modern business are on everyone’s mind. From long-haul truckers to copywriters, few professions are not touched by the changes advances in artificial intelligence can bring. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Instead of seeing jobs lost to computers, see new opportunities to collaborate and leverage your growth.

The same should go for hiring. With AI and machine learning advances, we can have HR recruitment software that “reads” applications and screens them according to specific criteria. It’s important to remember that the person on the other end of the resume is flesh and blood and uses AI integration more like recruitment software and less as a front-line defense. Hiring agency software solutions are one part of the puzzle. Still, they should never be so relied on that the human element suffers. Moreover, agencies should also maximize their recruitment website design to let potential candidates know what’s important to your company and how you empower employees to live those values through their work.

2. Maintain an Active Public Presence

Keeping your name out there serves several beneficial purposes, including engaging current customers, attracting new ones, and generating buzz about your company. And, when looking for new staff, presenting your organization as an attractive option for employment. Whatever it is you do, maintaining an online presence, social media accounts, a street team or other active roles in the community you serve is an excellent way to make sure the right people stay aware of you.

Specifically, regarding recruiting, consider the value of asking past and present employees (perhaps especially any former sales staff) to appear in brief interviews and testimonials about being employed by your organization. A quick 30-second social media video post can reach a surprising number of people, provided you follow best practices for your goals. Highlighting any promotion practices or other internal recruitment policies you have might be a great way to attract entry-level help.

3. Embrace New Trends

The COVID pandemic has changed how we do so many things, including work. It only makes sense that it should change the way we hire as well. Video interviews or email screening are taking on much more significant roles in the hiring processes of many organizations. These things don’t have to be rushed, awkward or rude, but instead, they can emphasize openness and a work culture that welcomes positive change.

Among those positive changes should be things like remote work and part-time positions. These allow people flexibility in how they make a living and how you as a company get your needs met. If a job can be done remotely, hire with that in mind and encourage applicants from all over. For the jobs that need an in-person presence, consider shifts or hours suitable for part-time staffing. This can be a great option to bring a fresh perspective into an organization.

Cutting down on commute times and working hours can help keep your best people engaged and able to contribute their best. Simultaneously, this gives them the feeling of having enough hours to spend with their families, loved ones, hobbies or whatever it is that recharges them.  Among those positive changes should be things like remote work, part-time positions and hiring Ukraine dedicated team.

4. Streamline the Application Process

Anyone who has ever looked for employment in a busy job market can tell you how frustrating it can be. Being asked to attend interviews and then directed to fill out multi-page applications asking for duplicate information—or interviewers who expect applicants to copy information from your resume into a bunch of little boxes on various sheets of paper.

You still occasionally hear a horror story about an applicant being kept alone for over an hour and then summarily dismissed when the hiring manager was a no-show. Thankfully, these kinds of experiences are relatively rare, but there is still ample room for improvement in the hiring process. By making your interviewing and hiring procedures as simple, transparent, and friendly as is appropriate, you do yourself and your employees—past and present—a favor. Positive feedback here can almost double as a recruitment service.

Open and honest communication about what you’re looking for and what you expect in an employee is critical. It not only enables you to screen applicants effectively and thoroughly, but it also lets prospective hires know they and their time are valued. Even if someone doesn’t end up being a good fit, the way they were treated will positively impact them and engender word-of-mouth recommendations.

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