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Sep 2020

The Evolution of Education & The Future Workforce

Thrive & Prosper Series: The Evolution of Education & The Future Workforce / Sep 3, 2020 / 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Six Education & Business Experts come together to provide insight into the future of education and how it will deliver the workforce of tomorrow.

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#Saleschats 3 elements to a Winning Sales Plan

3 Elements to a Winning Sales Plan

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Sep 17, 2020 / 9:00 am - 9:30 am

Now more than ever, companies are having to re-address their sales plans and even look at pivoting into adjacent or completely new markets. The issue is clear but the challenge is how to build a plan that clearly identifies the market, the target buyer and a sales strategy to go after both. And if these challenges are not enough, the timeframes have dramatically decreased given the uncertainty of the times we live in so this sales chat will also address…

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Oct 2020

Mental Fitness for Sales Leaders: The X-Factor for CRUSHING your Sales Targets

Mental Fitness for Sales Leaders: The X-Factor for CRUSHING your Sales Targets

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Oct 8, 2020 / 9:00 am - 9:30 am / Free

Author, Coach, Digital Marketing Expert and all around inspiration, Bill Carmody joins us for a #SalesChats to talk about Mental Fitness for Sales Leaders: The X-Factor for CRUSHING your Sales Targets. In this session, Bill will talk to host John Golden about: What mental fitness really means How leaders can help their sales teams become mentally fit And how we can all improve our mental fitness Don’t miss this as given the way the world is right now we all…

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The Rise of the Virtual Age – in Education & Work / Oct 15, 2020 / 8:00 am - 9:00 am

The third in the Thrive & Prosper Series: “The Rise of the Virtual Age – in Education & Work” A unique panel of experts with insight into the evolution of education and the evolution of the human capital needs of businesses: This event will provide practical insights into: What changes have to be made to meet the demands of the “new normal” The digital divide between older and younger, privileged and less privileged learners The four C’s: Critical thinking, Communication,…

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Nov 2020

The Importance of Learning How To Work on Your Business By Building For The Future

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Nov 12, 2020 / 9:00 am - 9:30 am / Free

One of the biggest challenges business leaders face is trying to find time to work on the business rather than in the business. Terry Ogburn joins #SalesChats to explain how to focus on the business and build value for the future. This includes figuring out what is important to your customer now and what is likely to be in the future. Join us for a fast-paced, interactive session. How to watch this #SalesChats Episode: Go to Youtube Live and set…

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Building Your 2021 Pipeline

Panel Discussion: Building your 2021 Pipeline

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Nov 18, 2020 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am / Free

Sales Experts Advice and Tips MUST WATCH PANEL DISCUSSION Get ready for 2021! This year has been a challenging one for many people but now is the time to build for 2021. You may need to pivot, you may need to after adjacent markets or you may just have to rebuild in your market - whatever the case going into 2021 with a strong pipeline is critical. This all-star panel will advise you on how to do just that! This…

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Dec 2020

LIVE EVENT: The Human Gene & Artificial Intelligence in Sales / Dec 3, 2020 / 8:00 am - 9:00 am

We have gathered six top experts in their fields to discuss the evolution of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to sales and how the human element needs to adapt and change to leverage the power of AI by combining it with advanced selling skills. The panel includes: Neil Sahota (Author "Own the AI Revolution") DJ Sebastian (Author "The Selling Revolution: Prospering in the New World of Artificial Intelligence") Lisa McLeod (Author "Selling With Noble Purpose") Adrian Davis (Author "Human to…

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Jan 2021

Branding 101 with Dawn Foster

Branding 101 – Best Practices For Solopreneurs

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Jan 21, 2021 / 9:00 am - 9:30 am

Join host John Golden as he discusses Branding 101 with Dawn Foster who is a marketing and brand nerd. In past 10+ years, Dawn worked with and lead both large and small marketing teams, partnered with C-Suite operations, marketing, information technology, and financial officers, to build brands and marketing strategies across the United States. With a particular focus on the solopreneur, this is a must-watch for anyone running or looking to start their own business. Brand is everything! To watch…

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Feb 2021

Sharing Economy and Sales: How to Survive and Thrive In a Gig Economy

Sharing Economy and Sales: How to Survive and Thrive In a Gig Economy

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Feb 18, 2021 / 9:00 am - 9:30 am / Free

The Gig Economy is here to stay but how can people excel in this new sales environment. Gig workers need to sell their services and attract customers just like any other business or solopreneur. In this #saleschats we are joined by Janhvi Johorey who will talk about how to build and expand your gig business To watch this #SalesChats Episode: Go to YouTube Live and set a reminder: YouTube Live link Live - February 21st, 9am PT EPISODE QUESTIONS: Q1:…

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Work & Society 4.0 Series: Resilience – the secret to navigating change / Feb 24, 2021 / 8:00 am - 9:00 am

The first in the new series looks at the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Resilience is the secret to navigating change and these 6 resilience experts offer their insights on how to develop a resilient mindset & skillset: Walter Bond - former NBA player Dave Sanderson - Survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson Russel Thackery - Sales Resilience expert Meredith Alexander - Mindset coach nursed her daughter back from catastrophic injury Tracey Grove - Author…

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Apr 2021

SalesChats Ep: Sales Tips for Introverts and Empaths

YouTube Sales POP! Channel / Apr 30, 2021 / 8:00 am - 8:30 pm / Free

Sales Tips for Introverts and Empaths There is no such thing as the ideal salesperson because different customers react differently to different personalities. In this #SalesChats Annie P. Ruggles discusses how introverts and empaths can excel at sales. Indeed the move to virtual selling has actually given many of these types of personalities an advantage. This is both an informative and entertaining, fast-paced session with Annie Passanisi Ruggles who for almost a decade, has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard…

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May 2021

The Podcast Guesting Masterclass

May 3, 2021 / 8:00 am - May 7, 2021 / 5:00 pm / Free

Interview Connections is an award-winning podcast booking agency, and they are hosting a free 5-Day Live Masterclass about how to leverage the podcast guesting strategy! Some of the topics that they’ll be teaching include: How to get started as a podcast guest How to implement strategies to monetize podcast interviews How to appear on podcasts that reach your ideal client If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get booked on podcasts to amplify your impact and…

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Work & Society 4.0: Trust: The Path To Customer Advocacy / May 12, 2021 / 8:00 am - 9:00 am

We all know that trust is a critical element in turning prospects into customers and customers into advocates. Establishing trust, however, has many building blocks including empathy, consistency, credibility to name but a few. To help you on your trust-building journey, we have assembled a panel of trust experts who will offer practical advice on how to build a robust trust-based approach to selling that will provide you with a competitive edge and raving fans as customers! SET REMINDER  …

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