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Best Career Opportunities After MBA In The USA
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Best Career Opportunities After MBA In The USA


A master’s degree in Business administration is advantageous for students to a great extent. Generally, after completing an MBA degree, students get tremendous exposure to the vast dimensions of the corporate and business world. Starting from real-corporate world knowledge to upgrading personal and professional skills, MBA gives a lot of opportunities to aspiring students.

However, are you not sure about the best career opportunities in the USA after completing MBA? Here we have jotted down some of the decent-paying job opportunities in the USA after completion of MBA. Read till the end to get better insights.

The MBA degree is curated for fast-track career growth. If you are willing to develop your skills, take responsibilities at work, become an entrepreneur, or future leader, MBA is the best. Moreover, earning an MBA degree from an A-rated business school will take your career graph to the next level.

As an MBA degree prepares candidates for advanced careers, there are a plethora of jobs waiting for you. Let’s check them out without any more ado:

1. Finance Manager

People holding finance degrees, as well as MBA, get the most exposure in the corporate world. You can easily get a managerial position without even having demonstrated experience. Financial managers have the responsibility of overviewing the financial health of the organization as a whole. They deal with revenue targets, sales targets, annual reports, financial statements paperwork, and much more critical tasks. The average payout for a financial manager in the United States is $ 125,080 and sometimes even higher with experience.

2. Investment Banker

Many of you may or may not have heard of investment banking; however, this is one of the most trending jobs in the management niche. Specifically, an MBA degree from any top business school will take you closer to the jobs in real estate investment.

Although it’s too challenging this position, once you do, your career will be set forever. Real Estate Investment Trusts provide several Investment banking career opportunities, which are super profitable. Basically, investment bankers assist business corporations with several things like pension funds, financial mergers, deals, fund investments, creating financial models.

Please note, the beginning days of this career are too hectic. But once you gain the experience and expertise, you will find your corporate staircase. Although investment bankers’ salaries differ from one REIT to another, the average annual pay scale is $200,000 in the USA.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing management is undoubtedly a lucrative opportunity after completing MBA. Are you fond of brand promotion, customer service, creativity, or content marketing? Then the position of marketing manager should be your ultimate choice. These professionals work closely with the operations team of a company and devise strategies to promote the brand in the market.

So, in other words, they play key roles in revenue generation. Creating ad campaigns, designing, website creation, content creation, brand development, etc., are some of the key responsibilities of a marketing manager. The average median payout for a marketing manager in the USA is $134,780 per year..that’s quite huge!

4. IT Manager

Thinking how an IT manager can be linked to the MBA? The IT managers with MBA degrees have done their graduation or masters in computers. So with business administration knowledge and IT knowledge, they are entitled to handle IT teams collaboratively.

Most importantly, this position is so demanding that there are at present 350,000 IT management jobs in the US. The key tasks involved are designing and installing software, maintaining computer network security, leading new joiners, and optimizing the networks. MBA degree could help IT, professionals, to get managerial positions with a few years of experience. The average payout of an IT manager in the USA is $142,530 per annum and is predicted to grow more by 2026.

5. Management Consultant

Do you hate working under someone and want to work independently? Then the management consultant position is ideal for you. The best thing about management consulting is, you will be able to work directly with companies as well as clients. Over time, with experience, you can work with C-suite persons like COOs, CFOs, and CEOs.

Yeah, I know that’s pretty cool, but there is one disadvantage as well. There will be no one to review your work, so there might be chances of faults. But considering the average pay for management consultants, which is $83,100 annually in the USA… this opportunity is worth grabbing.

The Final Words

To conclude, MBA is no doubt the education level with highest ROI. Now that you know the best career opportunities in the USA after completing MBA, what are you waiting for? If you are an MBA degree holder, shortlist your favorite jobs from the above opportunities right now and start applying. You never know what is waiting for you; maybe a handsome paying job is waiting for you.

Do let us know your opinion about this guide in the comment area below; we will be more than happy to receive your feedback.

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Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of Emblem Wealth. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Smart Business Daily, Finance Team, SB Newsroom. He also likes to write in many international magazines and journals.

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