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Top 7 Tips for Generating More Sales on Amazon
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Top 7 Tips for Generating More Sales on Amazon


Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce in the US, making up more than 37% of the US e-commerce market. Because of its vast customer base, it’s an attractive marketplace for online sellers with the current number of sellers exceeding 500,000 individuals. You’re missing out on a lot if you aren’t already selling on Amazon.

Anyone can meet the requirements and become a seller on Amazon, but not everyone makes it to the top, where they earn upwards of $1 million from Amazon alone. This is where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most actionable tips you can follow to succeed on Amazon. In addition to these tips, you can also learn How to Make Money on Amazon Reviews for some extra cash.

Before we dive into the list, take a moment to consider your internet connection. With a good internet connection, you can quickly respond to customer queries, quickly update your inventory, optimize your store, and do so much more. We recommend researching the top trending products that sell on Amazon. A good place to start with the Blogging Wizard article.  They will give you a list of companies to purchase your products to market.

1.   Sell a great product

This seems trivial, but many people fail at the starting point. Remember that your product is your biggest marketing tool, as it’s the main reason people turn to your business. The e-commerce sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and staying afloat with the wrong product is getting harder. Why shouldn’t the customer go to someone else with a better product? Consumers have also become more aware and more intelligent than before.

This is why you must thoroughly research the demographic you’re targeting and figure out what your potential customers want. The product is essentially solving a problem in their life; you can figure this out if you can find a solution to a real-world problem. Once sorted, you can move on to the following steps to make it more appealing to your customers.

2.   Competitive pricing

It’s quite likely to come across other sellers selling the same product as you are, and the customer choice might boil down to price and other contributing factors. That’s why you need to price your product competitively. It’s also one of the factors Amazon looks at while deciding whom to feature on the “Buy Box.”

You can take out some time and conduct market research to see what prices your competitors are offering. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to beat their price to succeed, but it should give you a ballpark.

3.   Customer service

Yes, your product is great, but your customers will encounter issues while using it. Moreover, you might lose your customers if you don’t have a dependable customer support resource. A satisfied customer will not only want to leave positive feedback but also recommend the product to others looking for a similar product.

4.   Use FBA

“Fulfillment by Amazon” is a great way to reduce the hassle of running an online store. Amazon offers this service to sellers where they take care of your business’s shipping and logistics needs, while you focus on sales and handling your customers. Additionally, the FBA often comes with Prime eligibility, which might make your product stand out since Prime products reach their customers faster than non-Prime products.

5.   Use high-quality images

When a customer comes across your product listing somewhere or lands on a product page, the image is the first thing they see. The price, offers, reviews, variants, etc., are all secondary characteristics. Your images must be high quality, completely capture the product, and present the ideal use case. For example, if you sell kitchen knives, consider putting up an image highlighting the knives in a knife block on the kitchen counter.

6.   Optimize product descriptions for searches

Because of increasing competition, merely putting up good photos doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to make your product visible to potential customers. You can increase the number of impressions and sales by conducting a thorough SEO optimization on your product page and descriptions.

7.   Keep an eye on the inventory

Managing inventory can be tricky as you can’t go overboard and spend all your resources on stocking up and you can’t afford to run out of the product. Both cases can harm your business, so you should pay special attention to your inventory.

You can consider assigning a dedicated resource to manage the inventory. Alternatively, you can look at AI software that can present you with inventory forecasts after considering your store data.


This is how you can generate more sales on Amazon. Remember that you can’t achieve success overnight; it might take some time before your product picks up. Meanwhile, you can continue to make your product and Amazon store better. Also, make sure to follow the rules for sellers, as Amazon has a lot of rules for sellers to improve the customer experience.

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