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5 Ways to Use Videos for Marketing on Social Media
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5 Ways to Use Videos for Marketing on Social Media


Videos have transformed the digital industry. They have started a revolution that has created ripples. One of the reasons for this revolution is that it is so easy to create videos these days because of access to software such as video editors, video makers, and video background removers. Whether it is business, education, technology, entertainment, news, or even just random facts, videos help you to gain popularity on Social Media. You can easily grow your business on social media with these 5 Ways to Use Videos for Marketing. Follow these 5 guidelines for an effortless way to get more CTR, and build engagement in the form of more likes, views, and followers.

Long-format for complex products

If you market an intricate yet interesting product, the long-form video would work the best. Take advantage of eye-catching videos to attract a great deal of attention. Explain the functionality of your product to your audience most intriguing and showcase how it will make their lives easier. Let’s go ahead and understand this factor in detail. Well, you are already aware of the fact that a huge number of millennials tend to avoid 30-second ads. So, how will you target those potential customers that ignore the traditional adverts? Here’s some food for thought. You can publish a long-form video to garner higher public attention because they can get mesmerized with such content. However, you must pre-determine the quality and engagement level of the video. This tip will enable you to get a wider reach on social media. Another reason to go for long video content is the ideal watching time of users. Passionate users generally prefer in-depth viewing sessions the ingredients of which are provided by long videos.

Instructional videos

Get ready to take the internet world by storm with short and simple videos. If you own premium products, leverage instructional video to showcase their highlights and functionalities. The perfect demonstration will surely convince potential customers to buy your product. This is highly applicable in the case of the food industry. Hence, you must master this strategy to grow your business on social media. Ensure you incorporate eye-catching details in your videos to keep your viewers engaged for the long term. Research reveals a positive correlation between instructional content and viewership. Therefore, allow your audience to delve deeper into your brand with such videos and increase your brand awareness.

Curated content

Well, the 21st century is the beginning of a new era. Going further, this decade would be ruled by customized content. Indeed, the factor that makes curated content stand out is the level of audience engagement. Such content adds a personalized touch to your account and develops brand loyalty. You can effectively grow your business on social media with such audience-friendly videos. Nevertheless, you must undertake a thorough study of your target market before proceeding. This will double your chances of success. Besides this, you can stick to a low-cost approach for maintaining the budget.

Quirky videos

Knock out the boring element by adding a spicy flavor to your videos. You can just go for some quirky stuff that gains a lot of attention on social media. For instance, some users have become famous overnight by publishing videos consisting of blending popular consumer goods. Apart from this, you may have come across vine videos that have gained tremendous acclamation in the past few years. We know professional content is the need of the hour. This doesn’t imply that you should do away with the ‘fun’ element. Humans need a bit of humor and social media is the biggest evidence of this. Hence, you don’t require much refined or polished content, just be unusual at times and show the unique face of your brand or product.

Use videos as customer service channels

Well, this is a feat that some businesses haven’t attempted before. Hence, we decided to add this to our list. You can develop videos that equally depict advertising and customer service. However, this would not be simple at the beginning. Try to answer the questions of prospective customers. For best results, we recommend searching for relevant keywords to accelerate a stream of organic traffic. You can also take ideas from other brands or individuals in your industry. Use this tip and gain popularity on social media.

In a nutshell, we can say that videos are an inherent part of social media promotion strategy and you certainly need them for higher engagement. Kickstart your growth with these 5 ways and reach the next level of video marketing.

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