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Launch! Our Sales Reference Library Is Now Open!
Blog / All About CRM / Aug 20, 2014 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 4789

Launch! Our Sales Reference Library Is Now Open!

It’s That Time of Year! Back to School!

Officially open! Our “Open to All” Sales Reference Library is now available for free downloads!

The Sales Reference Library is designed to enrich sales teams, managers — all students of the sales profession. We’ve got information, training, best practices, strategy, philosophy, predictions… you get the drift. We’re loaded with good stuff and we’re on a mission to share our content with you. We’re continuing our passionate pursuit of your success!

CRM software, our CEO believes, has a major part to play in improving business worldwide. (“The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in this one…” to misquote Yoda). Nikolaus has made believers out of our team, and this reference library is a first step toward a much more extensive sales education initiative.

The library includes  broad business topics as they relate to sales. A recently-added title, Evolution in Progress: How the Entrepreneur Is Changing the World, is authored by Nikolaus, and many other ebooks address more specialized topics. Examples of other titles: Sales Process: Empowering Sales, Management and the Company, Pipeline Measurement and Sales Success, Sales Systems Insight Selling, Choosing and Implementing CRM, Sales Force Education,  and Lead Management.

Connect with the Library from our Main Menu on the website:


Current Library Categories

  • Sales Process and Techniques
  • Sales Tools
  • Sales Pipeline Management and Measurement
  • Sales Strategies
  • CRM
  • Cloud Computing
  • Sales Management and Training:
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Salespreneurs

Check out these book covers!


Scroll over the book cover and it opens to reveal a description and link!


The New Buyer Mandates Sales Expertise

The advent of automation means that a salesperson must be more of a sales expert than previously.  In consumer sales, most purchasing is automated with very little human interaction. However, in corporate sales, the role of a salesperson is that of a consultant.  Traditional interruption techniques (such as cold-calling) are less effective.  Content marketing has changed the way prospects find information and decide what products and services they need.  Finally, social search has allowed prospects to instantly get feedback, opinions and recommendations from other customers.  In order to compete in this changing landscape, the salesperson must have a high level of expertise to gain the prospect’s trust in the company, the product, and the salesperson themselves.

Lately, things move so quickly that sales professionals can’t keep up. We don’t want anyone to be left behind.

 Soon we will share our shelves with many partners, friends, and blog contributors. We invite you to visit the reference library and download all the rich content you can carry.

It’s free for all! If you would like to put your content on the shelves, write to me!

We’re committed to your success! Give our product a try for 30 days — no strings!

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