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5 approaches to enhance your CRM tactics with Social Media
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5 approaches to enhance your CRM tactics with Social Media

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In a business, customers are critical assets. No loyal customer would take your brand for granted ever. To maintain a strong brand presence, you need to provide your customers with a remarkable user experience which in turn makes them refer your brand to others.

However, many businesses are taking the profound effect of social media lightly. Nowadays, people are aware of the brands through social media before brand marketing.

Ultimately, devising a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy sets a benchmark of your standards across various social platforms. Also, using the best project management software guides you in planning the schedule of the CRM strategy.

In this article, you will know the smartest approaches to enhance your CRM tactics in social media.

  • A right project management software

As mentioned earlier, using the best project management software will simplify complex processes like project planning, defining deliverables, communicating with team members, risk management, and budget allocation.

When working as a team, chances of adversities are more. Still, with a suitable best project management software, you can overcome all sorts of miscommunication, thus delivering quality of work. 

  • Track the customer journey

To improve CRM strategy through social media, converting the followers to clients is the predominant step. So, concentrate on tracking the customer journey, which means follow the engagement metrics, insights on likes, shares and comments.

By this, you can foster a strong bond with your existing customers and add value to their life. Accordingly, converting your one time customers as a regular user and a fan creates a permanent place among them.

To accomplish this, you need to do more than concentrating on getting “likes” on an Instagram picture. Therefore, exhibit the human side of the brand through hosting live events, giveaways, asking questions and giving a glance at the behind the scenes.

  • Revert to customer complaints

Having a brand presence on social media primary task is to respond sooner to customer complaints. For instance, if you are a biodegradable coffee cup manufacturer, you need to fix issues in delivery if any arise immediately.

The best CRM strategy is to meet and greet the consumers at every step of their journey. On the downside, even negative comments arise, so kindly, don’t ignore it. Often, people complain about the brand in social media.

However, the faster you respond to the customer grievances, the more consumer’s trust builds about your brand. Best project management software will help you in organizing and analyzing customer complaints effectively. 

  • Keywords & Hashtags

 Detailed analysis of the keywords and hashtags is an intelligent way to discover mentions and engagement of the customers on your brand. It even brings unexpected opportunities that are hard to locate.

Through hashtag analysis, you can identify your ideal customers on social media. To enhance this process, you can precisely track branded keywords, misspelling of your brand, and to gain new perspective track competitor’s keywords too. 

  • Establish the voice of your brand

It is brilliant to establish a brand presence equally across all social media platforms. There are possibilities of your consumers dodging when one social channel is engaged while another is dead silent.

For instance, your customer engagement is significant in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to build a strong presence.

Therefore, your consistent efforts across all the social media platforms create an identity for your brand.


By implementing a robust social media CRM strategy, you can upscale your business intelligently. For instance, tools like Octopus CRM have good reviews for LinkedIn growth. These efforts will show up in the name of sales and engagement in your brand continuously. If you find any other CRM strategy helped you, kindly mention them in the comments.

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