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Contributors Guideline

Contributors Guideline

Thank you for your interest in contributing to SalesPOP! online magazine! We look forward to our collaboration.

Here are the guidelines that we ask our contributors to do their best to adhere to.

  1. Target Readers — Our target readers are sales managers, sales professionals, company leadership, and entrepreneurs.
  2. Topics — We cover the broad topic of B2B sales. Anything you’d like to contribute under this broad scope would be fine, be it prospecting, lead generation, lead management, opportunity management, closing, sales training, sales coaching, sales team creation, or anything else related to B2B sales. If you have a speciality you focus on, that would be especially good.

    From time to time we create themes for a month, and we inform all of our contributors of these so they can contribute to them as they wish.

  3. Length — We don’t specify a specific length for blog posts, but it would be great if you would keep it in the range of a minimum of 300 words, maximum 1200.
  4. Originality — We ask that your blog post be at least 30% different from any content posted elsewhere. Google will automatically ignore content that is less than 30% different.
  5. Editing — We do reserve the right to edit submissions as needed, without altering content. This includes the alteration of headlines to be more SEO-friendly and adding lines at the end promoting our Pipeliner CRM product.
  6. Timeframe — If you have committed to a particular date, please provide the post to us no later than 2 weeks prior to the posting date.
  7. Form — Please provide your blog post in either an MS Word document or in a Google Doc.
  8. Graphics — If you are providing photos or other graphics to go along with your blog post, please provide them separately in addition to showing where they are to be placed within your post.
  9. Proofreading and spellchecking — Please proofread and spellcheck your posts. We will do a quick proofread before a post goes live, but we may not catch everything. Best to have it “perfect” before sending to us.
  10. Bio and picture — If you are a new contributor, please provide us with a picture of yourself and a brief bio. If you would like us to include your social media links, please provide those as well.
  11. Books — If you are an author who has published sales-related books, please provide links to places where they are available. We will share them on SalesPOP.
  12. Sharing — After we have posted your blog contribution, we ask that you share it on your social networks. We’ll inform you when it’s posted so you can do that.
  13. Video — If you are contributing a video:
    • Please provide a written introduction to it of 100-200 words which can be posted along with the video.
    • All videos must be available on YouTube for us to utilize them on SalesPOP.
    • Video length should be at least 3 minutes, with a maximum of an hour. Note that shorter videos tend to be more popular as sales professionals tend to be busy.
  14. Other content — If you are contributing other types of content, such as Slideshares or infographics, please get in touch with us directly for requirements.

Thank you, and looking forward to your contribution!

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