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The Key Role of Emotions and Coaching in Sales
Blog / Coaching / Feb 26, 2024 / Posted by John Crowder / 21

The Key Role of Emotions and Coaching in Sales


Hey all, it’s John Golden here. I recently had an enlightening chat with John Crowder, VP of Healthcare at Integrity Solutions. We discussed the huge impact emotions and coaching have on sales teams. Here are some top takeaways.

Sales Leaders Set the Tone

John and I talked about how sales managers shape team engagement and performance. We agreed the #1 reason people leave jobs is their boss. So, leadership style significantly affects employee engagement.

Many sales leaders get promoted for sales skills without leadership training. But managing and coaching are very different. Coaching involves asking questions and guiding, not ordering. It takes the same skills as selling – helping people find solutions.

Beliefs Drive Actions

We also discussed how belief systems shape sales and leadership approaches. Effective coaching and leadership have profound impacts on sales organizations.

Authenticity Builds Trust

Next, we talked about building authentic relationships in sales. John mentioned “message fatigue” – when customers have heard the sales pitch so often that rapport matters more.

Being authentic and helpful is critical to gaining trust and standing out now. But salespeople often aren’t taught to be genuine.

Coaching Develops Talent

We emphasized that coaching should be routine, not a low priority. It’s vital to focus on strengths, not weaknesses. Leaders must create an environment where people learn from mistakes without fear.

Many organizations lack coaching and leadership development. Over 60% of leaders define coaching themselves. So, there’s no shared mission or focus on developing teams.

The Human Element

John explained Integrity Solutions’ impressive 50-year client list across industries. He said they focus on bringing humanity back into business interactions. This priority on human connections benefits professional and personal relationships.

In summary, our chat highlighted the need to better train salespeople and leaders in relationship-building. It also underscored Integrity Solutions’ focus on human elements in business.

Let me know if you have any other key takeaways! I’m happy to discuss more.

About Author

John Crowder joined Integrity Solutions as the VP of Healthcare following a 25-year career in the medical industry. Prior to joining Integrity, he worked for and led sales teams in medical device and pharma ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, spending a significant part of his career working in key account management, sales and leadership development, and marketing. Prior to his career in the medical space, John spent six years as a Division-1 football coach including a three-year stint at the United States Naval Academy where he also served as a Commissioned Officer. John’s decades of experience and passion for coaching allow him to understand and address the unique needs and challenges of those in the sales and leadership professions.


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