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Actionable Strategies To Manage Risks For A Sales Team Using Business Vehicles
Blog / Business Culture / Dec 12, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 2048

Actionable Strategies To Manage Risks For A Sales Team Using Business Vehicles

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For an organization, the sales team is one of the biggest assets because these are the people who drive business and revenue. You would want to go the extra mile with their satisfaction and wellness. If the representatives commute around in business vehicles frequently, you will also need to ensure their safety en route. The growing number of road accidents in the U.S. makes them the top concern for employers. It makes sense to have a risk management plan for being on the safe side. Here are some actionable strategies you can implement to manage risks for your sales team.

Keep track of their schedules

Since your team will probably have multiple people commuting for sales calls daily, it is advisable to keep track of their schedules. Whether they commute locally in a company vehicle or take long road trips to other states, know their routes and plans. You need to have all the updated schedules at hand so that you can be sure about their safety and whereabouts. Establishing a method for tracking routes and developing a communication procedure for an emergency is equally vital.

Have company vehicle policy

Companies across the U.S. have company vehicle policies in place if they allow employees to use company vehicles. Without one that defines the guidelines, there are chances that your sales reps will act negligently and have accidents. You will end up facing the consequences in the form of compensation lawsuits. An expert car accident lawyer helping people in Jackson Mississippi is the best person to seek guidance for creating a policy for a business located in that state. They can help you understand the state-specific personal injury laws and add the right clauses to the policy to steer clear of vicarious liability.

Get insurance coverage

Another important aspect of managing the risks related to sales reps who drive company vehicles is getting insurance coverage. If you have adequate cover, you need not be stressed out about the damage to property and people if a misfortune happens. Ideally, the insurance should cover your vehicle and the person driving it. Having a cover for third-party injuries puts you in a safe place because compensation claims often cost a fortune and can topple your finances if you have to bear them on your own.

Conduct regular training and safety programs

Whether your sales reps drive a few kilometers in the city or hit the highways, you would want them to be safe at all times. Conducting regular training and safety programs is a good approach. Take proactive measures to educate them about road safety rules and create awareness against practices like distracted driving, overspeeding, and jumping lights. If a driver gets into a mishap, find the cause of the accident, and conduct special training to ensure that they do not repeat the mistake.

Being proactive about the safety of your sales teams protects your people, finances, and reputation in the long run. It also boosts the productivity and loyalty of your employees as they feel well-cared for. It is a worthwhile effort that you should absolutely invest in.

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