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LIVE EVENT REPLAY: The Evolution of Education & The Future Workforce


Six Education & Business Experts came together to provide insight into the future of education and how it will deliver the workforce of tomorrow.

00:00 Intro

01:49 Nikolaus Kimla prologue – education as a business strategy

04:52 Why DePaul University started a technology in sales program (Daniel Strunk)

09:05 Learning design insights from CLO of & LinkedIn Learning (Britt Andreatta)

14:45 Recruiting for virtual working opportunities (Ann Zaslow-Rethaber)

18:30 How do Universities need to evolve to meet the needs of the workforce of the future (Daniel Strunk)

22:09 Science-based learning is not used enough in schools & colleges (Britt Andreatta)

27:01 How can employers attract the best talent in the future (Ann Zaslow-Rethaber)

32:05 BREAK – Pipeliner CRM promo

33:34 Are educational systems today meeting the needs of Millenials & Gen Z? (Raven Solomon)

39:26 Social-Emotional skills need to be taught in college (Ruth Reithmeier)

43:58 Are Executive MBAs relevant any more? (Keld Jennsen)

47:56 The changes Millenials & Gen Z are going to bring to leadership (Raven Solomon)

52:41 AI is taking over more tasks so how important is it to develop Emotional Intelligence? (Ruth Reitmeier)

57:30 The differences between education in Europe & the US (Keld Jennsen)

01:02:17 Nikolaus Kimla final thoughts

01:05:18 John Golden final thoughts

-How must education evolve to meet the needs of future employers

-What are some of the current innovations taking place in education

-How is recruitment changing and what new skills or traits are employers looking for

-How can education and business collaborate to ensure the workforce of the future is properly prepared for the challenges ahead


Raven Solomon (Multigenerational Leadership Expert)

Keld Jennsen (International Management Consultant & Executive MBA Lecturer)

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber (President of International Search Consultants & Recruitment Expert)…

Daniel Strunk (Executive In Residence and Managing Director, Center for Sales Leadership, DePaul University)…

Ruth Reitmeier (Director for Coaching at the Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University)…

Dr. Britt Andreatta (CEO 7th Mind, former Chief Learning Officer, Learning)

This is the second in the Thrive & #ProsperSeries. #evolutionofeducation #futureworkforce

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