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How to Show Your Sales Employees You Appreciate Them
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How to Show Your Sales Employees You Appreciate Them


Your sales team works hard to follow and nurture leads to meet their sales goals. Without your sales team, your business wouldn’t run. They are like the bread and butter of your operation – no sales, no revenue.

Employees who are appreciated by their bosses and managers tend to be happier and will go above and beyond for a project. They’re also more likely to hold themselves accountable. If this is what you want, then appreciating your sales team is a must.

Whether they’re meeting prospects in person, making phone calls, or taking Zoom calls, salespeople are constantly busy and working pretty hard. Just like any other employee, they deserve recognition for their hard work, but what’s the ideal way to recognize your sales team? Here are some ideas.

1. Custom crystal plaques for high achievers

High achievers deserve a top-shelf award, and nothing represents big achievements more than custom crystal sales plaques. These plaques are perfect for employees who go the extra mile to get those big results for your organization.

If you have anyone on your sales team who tends to outperform everyone else, they’re a valuable asset to your company and deserve to be recognized for their extensive contributions.

2. Host an award ceremony

One thing you may want to do is host an award ceremony for your entire sales team. Technically, generating sales is naturally competitive, so you’re unlikely to hurt anyone’s feelings by offering tiered-level awards based strictly on dollar amounts. However, it’s not just the amount of sales that matters. Some people are better at generating a high volume of sales from people who buy middle-tiered products and they are just as valuable as the people who can sell the top product.

To get your ceremony going, come up with creative awards that are personal to each person’s strength. Who is the most persistent? Who wins over the hard sells? Who overcomes objections like butter?

When it comes to presenting these awards, your ceremony doesn’t need to be embarrassing. It can just be a casual get together where you all sit down for a nice meal at a restaurant and you take your time to recognize and acknowledge each of your sales team members with their respective awards. Simple is often the best method.

3. Offer ongoing rewards

A more creative way to recognize your sales team is to offer ongoing rewards for meeting specific goals. In retail, this is usually done with a secret shopper program where employees earn gifts, branded items, and small raises by achieving a certain score from a mystery shopper. You can launch a similar program for your sales team by coming up with goals to meet throughout their process.

For example, say your company sells five products or services at different price points. You can set ongoing rewards for every 10 sales at each price point. Or, make the sale threshold higher for lower priced products and services.

Other ideas for ongoing rewards include:

  • Gift cards for not missing any days of work for X number of days
  • A cash bonus for closing an extra difficult sale
  • A cash bonus for creating solutions that solve difficult problems
  • Just about anything that would be useful for your organization deserves a reward

The idea is to show your sales team that you appreciate their contributions to the team in ways that go beyond their ability to generate revenue for your business.

4. Hand out an extra bonus

Sales people often live for their bonuses, and if you’ve got some top achievers on your sales team consider handing out an extra cash bonus to them for their hard work.

You’re not likely to hear people complain about being recognized with cash. Even though many people from the Millennial generation say they aren’t motivated by money, they still have bills to pay and it’s doubtful that anyone will reject a cash bonus.

5. Thank your sales team personally

Never underestimate the power of thanking your sales team personally for their contributions and achievements. Many people actually prefer being acknowledged in a personal manner to receiving cash bonuses on their check. People want to feel appreciated, and while cash is nice, it doesn’t fill them up the same way appreciation does.

What will these rewards help you achieve?

When you start recognizing your sales team for their hard work and contributions, you can expect an increase in productivity, innovation, morale, and job satisfaction. The more you appreciate your team members, the happier they’ll be to take care of your customers.

Appreciation will come full circle for your organization when you make the effort to appreciate your team members.

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