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Embracing Remote Work: Strategies for Efficient Staffing, Bookkeeping, and Management
Blog / Business Culture / Jun 5, 2023 / Posted by Rob Buffington / 29

Embracing Remote Work: Strategies for Efficient Staffing, Bookkeeping, and Management


The traditional model of conducting business in today’s world has experienced substantial shifts, one of which is the rise of telecommuting and other forms of remote employment. Rob Buffington is an experienced consultant in the HOA management area and a member of Gordian Business Solutions. He recently offered his insightful knowledge on remote staffing, bookkeeping, and management concerns on an episode of Gordian Business Solutions’ podcast. In this post, we will go into the most important insights from the episode, as well as discuss effective tactics for adjusting to the ever-changing workforce.

The Movement Towards Contract Labor and Working From Home:

Rob Buffington draws attention to the growing trend of outsourcing and working remotely, highlighting the numerous benefits that these trends provide to firms. He emphasizes that outsourcing is not restricted to call centers and that it now provides the ability to access individuals with college educations who are capable of performing at the same level as local labor. The ability of businesses to tap into a larger talent pool and have access to specialized abilities is one of the additional benefits that may be gained from outsourcing in addition to the cost reductions.

Companies need to make adjustments to their organizational structures in order to successfully absorb remote workers. Rob advises that, rather than attempting to adapt already existing positions to a remote work paradigm, the organization should instead create new job descriptions that are specifically catered to the company’s needs. Businesses will be able to develop efficient procedures and job descriptions that are compatible with the requirements of remote work if they take this step. In order to effectively manage remote teams, it is essential to adopt a strategy that is results-oriented rather than relying on seat-warming as the primary activity.

Keeping Remote Workers Motivated:

When workers are required to work from a distant location, it can be difficult for their employers to keep their motivation and engagement levels high. Rob places a strong emphasis on the significance of developing a compelling vision and purpose for the firm that can be connected with by remote workers. Individuals are able to become more motivated and involved in their responsibilities within an organization when they have a clear grasp of how their work contributes to the overall success of the business. It is absolutely necessary for leaders to express this vision in a consistent manner and cultivate a sense of belonging among the members of the remote workforce.

The Overcoming of Obstacles:

Even while working remotely and through outsourcing can have many positive effects, there are also obstacles to overcome. One such barrier is the widespread belief that external resources are of lower quality than those available within. Rob suggests to businesses that they may overcome this prejudice by concentrating on the caliber of the talent and the value it brings to the organization, regardless of where the talent is located. Businesses are able to dispel the notion that outsourcing cannot improve skills or provide high-quality results if they acknowledge the potential that outsourcing possesses in these areas.

Advice for Businesses Considering the Implementation of Remote Work:

Companies who are considering outsourcing their work or bringing on remote employees might benefit from Rob’s insightful and actionable recommendations. He underlines how important it is to begin with a clear job description that is in line with the aims and objectives of the firm. To guarantee a seamless transition, it is necessary to put time and money into onboarding new workers, regardless of whether they are located locally or remotely. Before growing their workforce, businesses should concentrate on strengthening their organizational structures and streamlining their procedures, rather than depending only on adding additional employees to their payrolls.

Recognizing and Adapting to the Changing Workforce:

The most important takeaway from Rob’s observations is that businesses need to adjust to the changing nature of the workforce and become more open to the concept of remote work. Work that can be done from a distant location has enormous opportunity for organizations to improve the efficiency of their operations as technology continues to evolve and connection becomes more widely available. Companies who are open to this transformation will be able to get access to top talent, enhance their cost-efficiency, and cultivate a work atmosphere that is more diverse and inclusive.

The audio episode that features Rob Buffington offers insightful commentary on a variety of topics related to remote management and personnel, including accounting and bookkeeping concerns. It shows the advantages of outsourcing and remote work, such as generating cost savings and accessing high-quality labor, among other perks. In order to effectively manage remote teams, it is essential to modify organizational structures, develop new job descriptions, and place an emphasis on output rather than seat-warming. Businesses are able to excite and engage their remote employees by cultivating a compelling vision and purpose for the company. It is vital, in order to effectively harness the potential of outsourcing, to overcome the hurdles and misunderstandings that are connected with it. In the end, it is possible for organizations to prosper in the new business landscape by welcoming the changing workforce and exploring opportunities for working remotely.

About Author

Rob Buffington is an experienced consultant in the HOA management space and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to management companies and mid-size businesses that struggle with vendor services, staffing, bookkeeping, and overall management issues. Rob doesn’t understand just one or two aspects of the industry. He has been and HOA manager previously and also had experience on the vendor side working with HOA’s. He currently owns and runs an accounting firm and a remote staffing company, both of which focus on servicing HOA management companies. He brings a well-rounded, unique, perspective on the industry. His overall professional mission is twofold: Provide the best possible service and consulting to clients and make a positive difference in the world. Each of his companies are heavily involved in local charity work and are built on an employee profit sharing model, so everyone benefits from the success of their collective business ventures.


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