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Tom Sant

Dr. Tom Sant is the author of the bestselling books Persuasive Business Proposals and The Giants of Sales, both published by AMACOM. His new book, The Language of Success, focuses on how to write clearly, concisely, and effectively in any business situation.

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Provides a step-by-step process to help you write and deliver successful client proposals, discusses how to create letter, formal, research, and grant proposals
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Writing a winning proposal is vital to getting a ‘yes’ on your next bid. That’s why Tom Sant, a proposal consultant for Global 500 companies and the creator of widely used proposal automation systems, has spent his career providing hands-on guidance for crafting powerful proposals…
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Sales theories come and sales theories go, but nothing beats learning from the original masters. The Giants of Sales introduces readers to the techniques developed by four legendary sales giants and offers concrete examples of how they still work in the 21st century. The book…
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Language is the medium of business. To be successful, we need to communicate effectively in writing. That's true whether we are providing instructions to our colleagues, communicating with our customers, or advising our direct reports. We must be able to deliver clear, accurate messages that…
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