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Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales, with an insider's perspective on successful sales execution. He shows organizations and sales professionals how to leverage their sales process to shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios, and create double digit growth.

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There is no way to avoid objections when telephone prospecting. The skill is in managing them when they come, and use them to create a sales conversation. The Objection Handling Handbook explores the most common objections we face when prospecting. The present specific steps to…
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Th ere is a silver bullet in sales - when you get to highly motivated decision makers at EXACTL Y the right time: after they experience a 'Trigger Event' BUT (or AN D) before they call your competition. When you have the right timing the…
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Sales is the life blood of any enterprise, ensuring your company is selling at maximum efficiency is central to your role as a leader. This collection of articles from The Globe and Mail's Report On Small Business, Canada's national newspaper, explores specific elements of B2B…
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"Sales & Consequences" is a collection of articles by award-winning author, Tibor Shanto, that look at all aspects of sales with the singular goal of helping you execute and sell better! The articles range from broad concepts that allow you to frame your sales strategy…
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