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Shmulie Munitz

Shmulie is the visionary force behind Munitz & Co. LLC, a tax advisory firm for entrepreneurs. Formerly a graphic designer in a non-profit-focused marketing agency, Shmulie brings his creative, out-of-the-box thinking to the world of wealth building.

A year ago, he took a leap of faith alongside his wife, Mushky Munitz, CPA, leaving their respective roles to guide entrepreneurs to financial success. Shmulie runs the business development side—think sales, marketing, and branding—while Mushky is the expert Tax Advisor and consultant.

Shmulie’s unique blend of dreaming big and staying grounded is evident in his approach. Whether chasing big ideals or helping ambitious entrepreneurs, he excels at breaking down aspirations into actionable steps. His passion lies in encouraging others to dream bigger and achieve more.

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