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Robin Dreeke

Robin is unique in that his "Code of Trust" was originally developed by him in order to build relationships and trust with national adversaries. Crafted and honed over his career as an FBI Special Agent Behaviorist, Robin brings his one-of-a-kind formula to you and your team for all aspects of leadership and business development

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A counterintelligence expert shows readers how to use a trust to achieve anything in business and in life. Robin Dreeke is a 28-year veteran of federal service, including the United States Naval Academy, United States Marine Corps. He served most recently as a senior agent…
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This updated version of Robin's original workbook includes the CSI (communication style inventory) based upon the DISC personality assessment as well as teaching notes that follow Robin's instruction based upon The Code of Trust and his advanced Leadership and Communication strategies.
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Despite the age-old saying, individuals everywhere still have a hard time realizing that it’s not all about them. Robin Dreeke uses his research and years of work in the field of interpersonal relations and behavior to help readers focus on building relationships with others in…
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