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Matthew Brackett

Are you navigating the tangled tensions of life, leadership, and the personal and professional? As a leadership resilience educator and coach, I partner with leaders to assess, adapt, and accelerate life transformation by understanding and to reconcile their tensions. Clients walk away with reframed clarity and balance, along with a personally crafted development plan.

Born the 10th of 13 children in a small town in New England, Matthew left home at the age of 18 on a mission to serve others through formal religious ministry. This led him to Italy, Ireland, England, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, along with a few years of active duty as a Special Staff Officer and Chaplain in the US Navy, where he served Sailors and Marines.

He transitioned from 30 years of formal ministry to life and leadership coaching and education in order to continue to serve human development and growth in varying professional sectors.

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