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Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa Earle McLeod is the founder of McLeod and more. She is an advisor, consultant, and speaker who works with senior executives and sales teams around the world. She is the author of five bestselling books and a sought-after speaker known for her authenticity and humor.

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Building upon her bestseller 'Selling with Noble Purpose', leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod tackles the employee engagement crisis by showing leaders how to put workplace meaning front and center.
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Using real-world data, compelling stories, and psychological research, 'Selling With Noble Purpose' explains why salespeople who genuinely understand how they can make a difference to customers outsell those who only focus on internal targets and quotas.
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A rare combination of personal insight, business wisdom, and humor, 'The Triangle of Truth' is a just-in-time read for anyone who is tired of the arguments, angst, and stalemates and is ready for real solutions to our problems, large and small.
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