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Julian Hall

Julian Hall is a professional speaker, business consultant and coach. He is the author of Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur - 100 Ways to Up Your Game and The 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing. He delivers seminars on innovation, entrepreneurship, dot com, mobile technologies, and Ultrapreneurship.

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An Amazon "Best Seller on Kindle", this book contains 100 inspirational, original sayings for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Created by Julian Hall, a serial entrepreneur who's passion is innovation and entrepreneurship and its ability to change people's lives. Each saying is accompanied by 100 equally…
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“The 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing – For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners” reveals the secrets of how to build powerful customer relationships using social media, getting complete strangers to evangelise your products or services, how to think just like your customers, the biggest social…
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