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Dov Baron

Dov Baron: Twice cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, also cited in the Meeting and Event Professionals Guide to The Top 100 Motivational Speakers and Named as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Guru’s.

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We all have days where it's hard to get out of bed. For many people, the demands of work and life, in general, can seem overwhelming on a daily basis. According to The Engaged Workplace, Gallup conducted studies over three years (2017)and learned that fewer…
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Authentic leadership or gold? Yes, I am actually comparing Authentic Leadership in value to gold for businesses. There is no doubt that authentic leaders create long-lasting relationships with their followers, which results in improved engagement, loyalty, productivity and effective business operations. It's important to give…
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Everything you've been told about leadership over the past thirty years no longer applies. The world has changed, and so has everything we know about becoming and remaining an effective leader particularly when it comes to keeping your top talent! The effective leaders of tomorrow…
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Picture yourself standing in an art gallery. As you look around at the multiple works of art, a magnificent, beautiful, handmade, multi-colored rug on the wall catches your eye. From where you are standing, the rug seems to have every color of the rainbow woven…
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It’s not so long ago the “people skills” were seen as “soft skills” something real leaders didn’t deal with and was to be pushed off on to human resources. Today’s leading organizations understand that those so-called soft skills have a very real impact on the…
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The belief that we're born and grew up with usually limits us from many possibilities and opportunities. These lenses that we're accustomed to blinds us from the truth. Now is the time to take off those lenses and see the true world out there and…
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